Website Design for Yacht Rental in Australia

Nowadays, everything is moving forward much faster than before. As a matter of fact, all businesses of any type, should be presented online, so if you own a business, a company or even a small retail business, you need to make it online as soon as possible. To do so, you will obviously need a website first. In this series of articles, we will explain the details of websites required for some specific businesses. We, through this article, will explain the features and information you may need to build a website for your yacht club. 

Australia is the only continent and also a country that is surrounded by oceans. It’s like an enormous island, isn’t it? Australians love surfing and sailing across the beautiful beaches all around the country. In such a demanding market, yacht rental clubs are a very profitable business in Australia. Yacht clubs provided different kinds of services to yacht owners such as repair and maintenance. The other main service however is to rent yachts to interested people.

Like other businesses that are operating in busy and competitive markets, being presented online is crucial for yacht clubs in order to expand their network of customers and build credit and trust for their business.  

There are some features that are needed for yacht club website to be considered and applied as listed below:

  • Animated Slider: an animated slider with relevant photos to introduce the services you are providing and the rental yachts you have in your club.
  • A page with your contact details and LOCATION. The location should be embedded in Google Maps for mobile users who want to navigate directly from your website into maps.
  • A summarised description of the services you provide.
  • If you provide services that need more explanations, a single page should be allocated to every single service for further explanation. 
  • A separate page should be in place to show all mandatory certificates.
  • An online appointment tool must be in place for customers who have rental or buying inquiries. 
  • You as the business owner, might be thinking of some special offers from time to time. A landing page can be created for such events when required.
  • Blogging can be very beneficial, as it will be the heart of the SEO plan for your business website.

Think Out of the BOX: You can always come up with new ideas for your yacht club and we are always here to convert your ideas to reality. You just let us know what changes you need to make to your website and we will get back to you with a solution that suits you.


What kind of design should be used for a yacht club website?

The first target of a yacht club website is to attract customers, so the websites should be designed to be attractive and innovative. Besides, the website should be user friendly and easy to work with. Furthermore, mobile responsiveness is a must these days, as the majority of users navigate through the internet by using their mobile phones. Also, the fonts, colouring and the appearance of the website should be in line with the atmosphere of the business which is mostly about sea, ocean and sun! The website must be designed to arouse people’s intention to rent a yacht and enjoy the sun and sea on a weekend day! You must avoid using templates or copy from a similar website, as your business would look unprofessional and untrustworthy. It is highly recommended to hire a professional web designer to design your website at the highest quality possible, as almost all business audiences are coming from a social class for whom quality is absolutely important. Read the UI/UX article to find out the importance of the design of your website.

Which CMS should be used to create a website for a yacht club?

Market participants have different thoughts on which CMS should be used when designing a website. Here in Websima, we use WordPress to design your website. We would like to assure you that WordPress would work absolutely well for a yacht club website. Therefore, we would highly recommend WordPress to be used as an appropriate CMS, when it comes to designing websites for a yacht club.

How long does it take to build a website for a yacht club?

The length of the project can only be estimated after having a deep understanding of your business, your needs and the required features. However, as a guesstimate, it takes about 2 months to design a multi-page and full featured website for a yacht club. You can check Web Design Procedure to find out more.

How much does it cost to create a website for a yacht club?

The cost also depends on the type of website and number of features required to be added to your website. However, it will most likely be at somewhere around AUD 12’000 for a full feature yacht club website. You can check Web Design Cost to find out more.

Does Websima provide web design services for a yacht club?

Yes, we do! We have a professional and talented team on board. We are capable of creating one page and simple websites as well as complicated websites with all features required for a yacht club. You just need to contact us and book for a free consultation meeting, so we will have a deep understanding of your needs and will get back to you with our offer accordingly.

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