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E-Commerce Website Design

How much is your share out of 2.2 trillion e-commerce market?

The word “ecommerce” is now widely being used in the international online business environment. There are a variety of benefits such as very low cost in comparison with traditional store and shop business, wide range of customers locally and internationally and easier shopping process for people in need. In order to compete in your business with other competitors, you will have to focus on the most updated techniques and tactics to get more traffic on your e-commerce website.

There are multiple factors that are important for an ecommerce website to be successful. The most important one is being user friendly as you are here to satisfy your customers and do business with them, so the user experience of visiting your website is very important. Besides, the first impression of the website architecture, colouring and roadmap as well as mobile-friendly features, proposing different payment options, safety and security are the next important elements for an ecommerce website to shine.

Websima Standards to design an eCommerce website

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Design

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Design

The majority of people around the world, 90% based on some surveys, use their mobile phones to navigate through the internet, so your business website should be mobile friendly at the highest level. Similar to the fact that your business should be online, your website must be functioning on mobile phones. We follow the latest and most updated techniques and standards to get your website work and function very well on mobile phones and tablets.

Design Exclusively for Your Business

Design Exclusively for Your Business

Based on your brand identity and business nature, we will design your website exclusively for your business to suit your business model and structure.

SEO Standards

SEO Standards

To comply with today’s rule of online business, we apply all SEO standards in website design as well as your website coding. This will ensure that your website will be in compliance with the newest marketing factors such as google indices and SEO optimization tactics.

Your first interaction with your potential customer is through your website

Websima has been working with hundreds of clients over the past decade to provide them with the best outcome by improving their customer service and supply chain and increasing their sales volume. We have been working hard by applying different techniques such as SEO optimisation, up-to-date coding tools and artistic website architecture and design. We have also conducted a few surveys from time to time in order to identify user preferences and tastes. Hence, we are confident that we will be able to help our customers with their journey to make the most out of their online business.

What we have on offer for your ecommerce website

Product’s Catalogue

The most important factor in your ecommerce website is how your products are being represented on your website

  • Unlimited products upload along with their informative specification 
  • Easy access to particular product by categorising and tagging
  • Quick price tagging and applying discounts
  • Exhibit “New Arrivals”, “Discounted” and “ Best sellers” products
  • Suggest similar or supplementary products.
  • Turn the customers comment and scoring option on

Customer’s features in an ecommerce website

There are many ecommerce websites out there trying hard to increase their market share. The more your website contains relevant and supplementary tools, the more customer will be persuaded to choose your product or service.

  • Products comparison tool
  • Customer Personal Wishlist
  • Easy and quick search based on product name or category
  • Mega menu with the option of product categorisation and photo attachment
  • Sorting and filtering based on product features such as colour, size, brand, etc
  • Delivery time choosing option
  • Personal customer panel with all order histories and status

Inventory and Accounting

Managing the stocks by identifying the best-selling products, smart pricing policy and keeping the loyal customers will not happen, unless you have an informative and comprehensive detailed statistical sales report

  • Report on all orders with multiple filters as required
  • Notes and status on every single order
  • User friendly management and inventory panel
  • Statistical report on sales, income for a specific period of time
  • Sales statistical report on best selling items and most popular categories
  • Alarm setup and notification creation to bring the products which are less than a specified quantity level to the manager’s attention
  •  Invoice print out to be attached to the delivery box


Ordering and Purchasing Process

In our opinion which is based on years of experience in the market, the ordering and purchasing process should be as easy and smooth as possible. This will guaranty that no single customer would ignore shopping through your platform, due to process being difficult.

  • Quick and easy registration with email address and phone number
  • Shopping card creation
  • Different delivery options depending on delivery location and preference
  • Various payment methods including online payment through bank cards and on-delivery payment
  • Discount coupons to be defined and customer credit profile to be created.
  • Additional purchasing cost such as delivery and VAT will be calculated and shown on the final invoice

E-Commerce Website Services

How much is your share out of 2.2 trillion e-commerce market?

An E-Commerce website that is designed based on the psychology of buyers, with applicable visual elements to enhance strategic sales would perform as a professional seller.

Why Websima Australia is the best Web Design company in Sydney?

We are the best because we will give you:
- Unique website for your business
- Fully dynamic and creative website
- SEO standards compliance
- Getting our clients approval at each step before coding
- Free 12 months support
- Free domain and hosting

How much does an Ecommerce website cost?

It can be as low as 4000 AUD all the way through 100,000 AUD. To understand the scale of your project you can check Pricing section in the menu.
You may also contact us to get a quote.

Is Websima Australia a registered company in Australia?

Yes. Websima Australia is registered as Light Thunder L.L.C.

How can I get a quick quote?

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