SEO Procedure in Australia

Different companies in the Australian marketplace offer SEO services for websites. In Websima, we offer SEO at a reasonable price with a precise schedule and transparent procedure.

The process of “Search Engine Optimisation” can be different from one company to another. The most important point to be considered by customers is the reasonability of the proposals and also the service provider’s technical capability. If a company offers you the first rank in Google in a short period of time, you should give their offer a second thought. If a company is giving you a surprisingly low price for SEO service, they may offer you the “Black Hat SEO”, which is not suggested at any cost.

In Websima, we offer SEO at a reasonable price with a precise schedule and transparent procedure. Furthermore, Websima will guarantee that you will get results, after a specific period of time. We suggest you read the “SEO Price in Australia” article to have an estimation for your SEO project cost in Australia.


Here is our SEO Procedure:

  1. SEO Strategy Planning:

Once the deal is made, we will start the strategy planning for your project. It usually takes one month. The more we invest here, the better result we will get later. Bear in mind that starting a SEO project without having a strategy is a big mistake. At this step, we figure out all the clouds of the keywords, micro-moments, wireframe, and the tree structure of your project. By putting all the required information together, we can move on to the next step.

  1. Optimising Your Website

The next stage would be optimising your website’s primary pages, such as the homepage, contact us, about us, and so on. This stage would take around a month. At this stage, we will make sure that your website is SEO standard and has a quality User-Experience.

If you start ranking your website without having a high UX, you would face a failure due to two reasons:

  • You may get visitors, but they will leave your website due to lack of a good UX. The vital issue for us is to convert your visitors to your customers by improving UX
  • Search engine algorithms are clever enough to understand your low UX, which will negatively affect your SEO.
  1. Full Force Content Generating

After analysing the strategy and the website, it is time to enhance our records in search engines through content marketing. The best way to do so is to start creating content based on our strategy and keywords. At this step, the critical issue is to focus on the keywords.
Websima will always be with you through this process. We have a range of content providers and editors to improve the contents in terms of SEO standards. Content generating is a steady job that will never end, however at this particular step, all the efforts will be focused on this process for three months.


  1. Analysis and Modification

After about five months, to make sure of the accuracy of our job, we will review all the processes and results and we may edit our strategy accordingly. We may add new keywords to our plan or remove some. Due to the crucial role this stage plays in the whole process, it is a must to get it done. 


  1. Link building

Link building is one of the methods to enhance your SEO score. However, if you overuse it or use it too early, you may get a negative result. We start the link buildings once we know that we have enough information and contents on our website. Search engine algorithms are smart enough to distinguish if your link building is adding value to your website or it’s just cheating! Therefore, it should be done with a plan. Overusing the link building will have a significant negative score on your website. Please don’t listen to agencies who offer 20 websites to have links with. They are killing your SEO in the long term.


  1. UX (User Experience)

Bear in mind that the purpose of the search engines is to find the best result for their users. They neither care about your business nor the time and money you have spent! They only focus on meeting their users’ satisfaction by providing them the best result on their search. 

What does it mean? It means that they are looking for websites that offer the best UX to their users. Therefore, by enhancing your UX, you are improving your chance to get a better result in search engines.
After getting some good rankings on Google, it is an excellent time to enhance your UX even further. It can be done by adding news, videos, photos, or anything you believe would convert your visitors to your loyal users.

The whole project time would be around one year, and you cannot imagine how it can affect your business.


Where to start my website’s SEO?

To start a SEO project, all you need to do is contacting us. After that, we will have a meeting with you for a free consultation. At the meeting, we will try to figure out the scale of your project and develop the solutions. Then we will prepare a proposal which includes the financial offer and the project schedule. Once agreed, we will start the journey with you to make big differences.

Please share your SEO projects experience with us in the comments. Tell us whether you had a good or bad experience in SEO.

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