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Building a Good Website is an Investment, not a Cost

We, here at Websima Australia, do website design with creativity. In other words, by fully understanding your business, needs and requirements, we would examine and work the cost of your business website out in the most accurate and transparent way. Here is the brief:

But, evaluating the cost of a project is more complicated

Let’s start with a more tangible example like buying a car! 

Depending on your budget, your needs and expectations you will be able to go for a AUD 15,000 Toyota all the way through a AUD 700,000 Lamborghini! There is no limit! As long as there is demand, supply will be provided. Hence, based on your needs and requirements and more importantly, your budget, you will always be able to find a product that suits you.

Similarly, the cost of a business website depends on your needs and budget, as there are unlimited options for your website.

Websima Australia, is committed to firstly assess and analyse your needs based on your business type and size (Start-ups, ecommerce or prominent organisations have different requirements) and based on the analysis outcome and considering your budget, will provide you a world class website that suits your needs best. 

In conclusion, the cost will vary from AUD 2,000 to AUD 100,000 and even more!


Evaluating Your Website Cost

Here are some factors to be considered for the cost of a new website in Australia:

  1.  How many pages do you need?
  2.  What is your design criteria?
  3.  What features do you want?
  4.  How many visitors are anticipated to visit your website?
  5. Having a new website from scratch or a template would be enough?

After reading the below explanations, you would be able to answer all of these questions and narrow down the answers to the main question: How much will my website cost in Australia?

How many pages do you need on your website?

The first question for you; what the size of my website would be? If your website is a simple company website, there will be around 5 to 15 pages needed, which will cost you less than an ecommerce website with significantly more pages to cover all products and services you provide. An ecommerce website may include up to 50,000 pages, and that will change the price dramatically. Hence, depending on your website’s size, a simple website would cost you from 4,000 AUD to 12,000 AUD, and a website with more pages may cost you from 8,000 AUD up to 100,000 AUD.

What are your design criteria for your website?

If you are a perfectionist person in your job, you must employ a professional designer to design your website. Fortunately, this service is available at Websima Australia. We have a range of talented professional designers to give you the sketch of your website, before going through the coding, in order to guarantee your satisfaction, though it comes with a cost. A design sketch is always included in our pricing structure, as we would never invest in a project which may fail!

What features do you need on your website?

You have to be strict and vigilant on this question from the very first day as in case of changing your required features later, your cost would increase significantly. As an example, if you want an eCommerce web design, you must have specific features such as payment gateway, wish list, customer registration form, products comparison tool, Shopping cart, sales support, etc.

Obviously, the cost of such a website would be different in comparison with a Corporate website containing a “Contact us” and “About Us” pages only. For some reasons, a more complicated feature might be required for a website. In this case, the price of the website would go higher again, so it all depends on your needs and requirements.

 There are professional companies here in Australia which are capable of creating features. However, be careful of freelancers. They usually do not create it specifically for you; instead, they use publicly available templates, which won’t add any value to your project at all.

How many visitors are anticipated to visit your website?

Depending on the number of visitors you expect visiting your website, the coding type and required server will be different. As an example, for some government online services, which may have more than a million visitors per day, the coding method and the cost would be much higher than a typical eCommerce website which is expected to have thousands of visitors per day. Having an accurate estimate of visitors on your website is an essential must-have task, in order to calculate the project cost precisely.

Having a new website from scratch or a template would be enough?

There are unbelievable low prices for website design on the internet, mostly from freelancers. They offer a company website, with a cost as low as 1000 AUD and more surprisingly, an eCommerce website with a cost as cheap as 2,000 AUD! Too good to be true, aren’t they?

You should keep in mind the fact that they usually apply ready to use themes and templates to create your website. Besides, they do not offer any support for you after your website is launched and more importantly, they do not care about the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards which consequently causes low SEO scores for your website.

Bear in mind that wasting time and money is the first and most serious consequence, in case of choosing a low quality cheap website, as you will be forced to redesign your website sooner or later due to the very tight competitive nature of the market.

At Websima Australia, we create websites from scratch. We do coding for your pages to avoid low-speed-loading and to enhance your website performance. We also consider your website SEO, since the first day.

Finally, the prices

Now, based on what we have explained, you should have a clear mind of the price range for a new website. It can be as low as 2,000 AUD all the way through 100,000 AUD. However, in order to be more specific, we have categorized the pricing range, so you would now be able to estimate the cost of your website based on the category your business website would fit in.

 Let’s forget about freelancers, as we don’t recommend dealing with them at any price.

  • Company Website
    Depending on the features and size of the website, it can be from 3,000 AuD up to 15,000 AUD
  • Normal eCommerce Website
    A typical eCommerce website with basic features would cost you from 4,000 AUD up to 25,000 AUD. You can check the “eCommerce Website Cost” for more details.
  • More complicated eCommerce
    An eCommerce website with unique features like creating designed receipt, or inventory management may cost you from 15,000 AUD up to 80,000 AUD
  • A complicated website
    In case you intend to create AMAZON number 2, that would be a different story. There will be lots of complicated features and functions on such a website which would cost you from 100,000 AUD up to infinity!
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