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Best Web Design Services in Australia

Generally your business website is the starting point of introducing and presenting your business to prospective customers. There is no need to specify the importance of the first impression on customers when presenting your services. Hence, your business website architecture and design, colourings, contents and ease of access and usage of data and information that people are after, play a crucial role for your business to move forward. We at Websima, thanks to years of experience, are fully aware of the fear and stress that starting and leading a business makes to business owners, so we are committed to try our best to minimise the stress of the client on this important part of their journey.


Steps to Build a Website with us

You Are Not Alone

1. Free consultation and analysis

1. Free consultation and analysis

As the first step, you will be in contact with one of our talented consultants in order to analyze your business website requirements, based on the nature of the services or goods you are planning to provide. Your contact person will then do a comprehensive analysis to put all mandatory items together and simultaneously keep it cost effective.

2. Proposal

2. Proposal

While the first step is completed, we come back to you with our proposal to design your business website. The project proposal will include graphical design, website tools, work procedure, timeline and cost of the whole project in the most transparent way. This will be the last reference for our contract.

3. User Experience (UX)

3. User Experience (UX)

We start the design process by designing the user experience. By identifying the user’s preferences and taste and also the main purpose of your business, we design the content structure and the path users should be following to reach their required information. Once done, the layout of the website homepage and important inner-pages wireframes will be in our hand to pave our way for the next step which would be the website design.

4. Graphic Design (UI)

4. Graphic Design (UI)

By having our wireframes in hand, the next step would be graphic and user interface design. Based on your brand identity and the nature of your business, visualizing your website will be accomplished by choosing appropriate coloring and adding relevant high quality photos and icons to the first sketch. To be more specific, we will personalize the user experience based on your brand identity and business type.

5. Web Development

5. Web Development

We apply PHP, CSS and HTML tools to convert the ideas gathered in UX and UI steps into an actual website with a professional control panel. More importantly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), responsive design for the website to be optimized and usable on mobile phones and tablets and using the most updated coding technology are strict policies for our team to finalize the project in the most effective way for our clients.

Training and Support

Training and Support

At last, we will send a demo version of the website for you, along with training video clips, so you would be able to simply learn how to use all the features and tools of your website. Once done, you will have enough time to put all the content you wish to be on your website together and in the meantime we will fix the bugs the website may have and sort out all the issues you may have and get the last edits done accordingly. At last, we will transfer the website up into the main domain and when done, our support stage will be started for the next 12 months for free.

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Web Design Services

Customized website strengthened by SEO and Mobile optimisation

Having years of experience in international and competitive markets like Australia has brought us valuable knowledge and analysis power to investigate and assess every single client needs and requirements. On the other hand, to be competitive, we have always been working hard to keep our project cost effective for our clients while insisting on the essential factors. We have categorized our main services into four groups as follow:

Smart and well branded business/corporate website

To Empower your company’s marketing capability

  • Custom design and branded copywriting
  • Wireframe creation and UX analysis
  • Front-end CSS/HTML applying the most updated technology
  • Back-end programming based on WordPress
  • Speed and SEO optimisation`
  • Mobiles/tablets responsive
Corporate Web Design



eCommerce Website Design

To turn website visitors to happy customers

  • Showcase your products and services. Reach out to customers and sell anytime/anywhere
  • Manage your website by adding new products and updated content in the most convenient way
  • Easy shopping card and payment checkout for having the happiest and faithful customers
  • Conversion-focused development
  • High standard e-Commerce and SEO
  • Custom e-Commerce functionality
e-Commerce Web Design



Innovative Web Design

To make website design appealing, attractive and informative

  • Internationally accepted website tools
  • Creative, meaningful and unique design
  • Animated and dynamic design for the best visitor experience
  • Brand focused design to convey the business message to the visitors
  • Up-to-date copy writing content



Graphic Design

To leave your business brand on audience’s mind

  • Review the Design Brief
  • Research and Discovery
  • Mood boarding
  • Sitemap and wireframe creation
  • Design Visual elements Package
  • Visual Exploration
  • Presenting the final sketch

Web Design Services

Boost Your Business with Our Services

Designing a website is aesthetics art beyond scientific elements—the art of combining graphics with 0 and 1 binary code, which portrays a beautiful website.

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Why Websima is the best Web Design company in Australia?

We are the best because we will give you:
- Unique website for your business
- Fully dynamic and creative website
- SEO standards compliance
- Getting our clients approval at each step before coding
- Free 12 months support
- Free domain and hosting

How much does a website cost?

It can be as low as 4000 AED all the way through 200,000 AED. To understand the scale of your project you can check Pricing section in the menu.
You may also contact us to get a quote.

Is Websima a registered company in Australia?

Yes. Websima Australia is registered as Light Thunder L.L.C.

How can I get a quick quote?

- Call us on +61 431 450 565 Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
- or Fill the contact us form and we will get back to you ASAP
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