A Better UI/UX Leads to Have a Better Conversion Rate in Your Website

UI/UX is one the most discussed topics on the internet when talking about the web design industry. Here in this article we would like to dig down to a more detailed discussion about UI/UX to see what it is about and how the UI/UX of websites help have more visitors turned into customers. In other words, the better UI/UX of websites, the more conversion rate will be achieved.

What is the UI/UX of a website?

Let’s start with UI. It stands for User Interface. It is about the graphical layout of the website including colourings, buttons, slide bars, fonts, text box and all other items that users interface with. Based on the business type and nature, the UI designers decide how the website looks, what colours and fonts are used and how the buttons and sliders are designed. This is all about how the visualisation of the website should be and how the website’s feel and look should be created. The UI designers are basically graphic designers who are in charge of the website’s appearance to be attractive and themed appropriately in line with the website purpose.

Going forward, we now jump into UX. UX stands for User Experience. It is the determination of how the user’s feeling is, when visiting the website. Does it feel like a smooth and logical experience to accomplish a specific task through the website or does it feel like struggling? In other words, it is all about how easy or difficult it is to work with the elements UI designers have created. They should determine the structure, functionality and organisation of the interface.

To sum it up so far, UI designers decide how the interface appears, while UX designers determine how the interface works. 

The customer is always right!

Now that we have an understanding about what UI/UX is, we will discuss how UI/UX can increase the conversion rate for websites.

The customer is always right! Sounds familiar doesn’t it? A very old slogan used to show the importance of the customer to any kind of business in a competitive marketplace. This basically means, if you are running a business, your first and most important priority should be meeting your customers’ satisfaction and expectation, whether you want a corporate website or an eCommerce. Refund and exchange options which are offered to the customers all around the world by actual retailers is only one good example of the customer’s importance for the businesses. 

We have the exact same concept in online business and ecommerce. The market participants are trying their best to meet people’s satisfaction in order to convince them that their needs are provided through their website platform. Online and street advertisements, coupons and discounts, free shipping offers, credit for some customers and many more tactics are now being used to have a bigger portion of online business cake!

What is the conversion rate of a website?

To be more specific, we should now talk about the conversion rate. Conversion rate is the number of people who make a purchase from your online business platform divided by the total visitors over a specific period of time. For example, if your website has 1,000 visitors over a month and 20 people, during the same period of time, have made a purchase through your website, the conversion rate is 0.02 or 2%. Hence, the main focus of the designer team should be improving the conversion rate of the online business platform.

How does it affect your business?

People are after purchasing quality services and products in the most convenient and straightforward way. They would prefer shopping from a well-designed website with nice and relevant colouring, multiple options to get relevant information, high quality photos, comparison tools and easy payment facility. More importantly, how the platform operates, how fast their requirements are being responded to, how the relevant products are categorised and long story short, how convenient it is to work with your online business platform. As much as people find an online business platform straightforward with good appearance, they are more eager to visit regularly and make purchases through that platform which leads to the conversion rate to be improved.

That’s where UI/UX steps in as they are all about user interface and user experience. Like we explained earlier in this article, UI designers try to make the website good looking and easy to explore by selecting relevant colours and fonts, smart structure, right spot for buttons and slide bar, easy shopping cart and wishlist and multiple and convenient payment options and procedures to make a good experience for the people visiting the website. The UX designers work on the website functionality and make sure it operates well. In other words, to make it simple, Consider UI designers as architects and UX designers as civil engineers. If they work quite well and in line with each other, the outcome will be a high quality building with lots of customers eager to buy a unit in!



Does Websima consider UI/UX design when creating a website?

 We absolutely do! The most important factor for us is our quality of work and our customer satisfaction. Hence, one of our main elements in creating a company/ecommerce website is UI/UX. We have professional and talented UI/UX designers in order to deliver high quality service to our valued customers.

Does Websima's initial/minimum cost package include UI/UX design?

Yes it does! Like we said earlier, our design team works on every single project regardless of the value, to create and deliver a website aligned with UI/UX standards.

How well have your previous projects performed from UI/UX perspective?

We have a good database of our successful projects which will be shared, once going forward with our new customers for their reference and review.

What conversion rate is considered a good one?

Generally speaking, a conversion rate between 2% and 15% is considered to be good. Keep in mind that it can be different from one business to another and even for some businesses, a conversion rate of 0.05% is considered good. Achieving this, needs hard work and effort as jumping only 0.5% on conversion rate can be difficult!

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