website redesign becomes essential at some point in time for all businessesWebsite redesign, like designing a brand new website is essential for all types of business these days. You must be careful to not go through a website redesign every now and then, as the website design cost in Australia is relatively high. But, it is sometimes crucial for you to consider redesigning your website.

We are all living in a competitive and fast-paced technology world. Your website that was developed professionally a few years ago, might not look very UpToDate now. Therefore, if your competitors take advantage of new technologies within their website, it is most likely that they will get your market share and you will lose your customers.

As such, you should consider a few points and decide whether to redesign your website or not accordingly.

Let’s see what are the main factors to consider when making a decision on redesigning your website.

Important factors you must consider for a website redesign

  • Your website looks outdated

Check your competitors website and investigate the design trends for your business type. After a few years the users’ taste changes, so does the design trends. If your website looks outdated and totally different from the current design trend, it is the right time for you to redesign your website to stand on top of the trend.

  • SEO performance declined

SEO performance means how your website is getting traffic and how much conversion is happening out of your total visitors. You must firstly get a good knowledge on how to evaluate your website SEO and investigate your website online presence accordingly. As an example, if your CTR is falling or your bounce rate is going up, you must act promptly to figure out the problem and sort it out instantly. One solution here might be redesigning your website.  

  • Your well-performed web pages on Google are no longer operating well

Losing your web pages performance on Google is one of the most important indicators that your website is experiencing problems. The reason is most likely that users don’t like your web pages anymore. Users’ preferences change fast, so do the UX principles. What the UX design principles for enhanced website performance are today, might be quite different to those that you have designed your website based on. Hence, a website redesign is needed.

  • Your website is not mobile-friendly

Your website might have been designed years ago to be mobile-friendly by utilizing methods like mobile version and desktop version. However, with new methods entered into the market, your website doesn’t seem to be displaying on mobile screens, as perfect as how newly designed websites do. In that case, you must be looking for how to make a website mobile responsive and make needed changes, or alternatively redesign your website.

  • Your brand identity has evolved

The need for website redesign is not always due to bad things. If your business grows and you want to add extra products or services to your business, or even the nature of your business is changed, a website redesign is essential. Keep in mind that your website must perfectly reflect the most recent status of your business, so a significant change to your business makes website redesign crucial.

How often website redesign is needed at last?

website redesign depends on many factors like audiences behaviourThere is no strict response for this question. It all depends on the type of business, targeted audiences and how competitors are performing. However, as a rule of thumb, if your website age is more than three to five years, it is most likely that the design is outdated. To be competitive and be on top of your market, it is recommended to redesign your website every three years, however it becomes essential to redesign your business at least every five years.

Keep in mind that you must have a website redesign strategy first and then start the redesign process, in order to get things on the right track.


It is always a good idea to monitor your website performance to spot issues that might happen in terms of SEO, design trend, technical performance etc. Not all issues need a website redesign as there are many solutions out there to sort out minor issues and get things back on track. However, there are some instances that we have gone through earlier in this article that a redesign is inevitable. If that’s the case, do not hesitate to act promptly by consulting with a reputable web design service provider to start your redesign project.

Websima is always here to help if you are in need. Contact us with confidence to book for your free consultation meeting with our talented team. You will have the chance to discuss your needs in detail and we will get back to you with a solution that suits best.  

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