How to Evaluate my Website SEO

Online business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Internet users are only a few clicks away, when they need to buy or get information about something, through the internet. As the popularity of online business has been increasing, the number of businesses that go online have been on the rise accordingly. Therefore, the market is getting very competitive for all market participants and business owners. In such a busy and competitive market, going forward without a proper marketing plan is absolutely meaningless.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing strategies and activities for representing businesses online. There are quite a few strong tools out there, however we would like to talk about SEO, as one the most powerful digital marketing tools.

SEO or search engine optimization, as you probably know already, refers to the best practices to apply, in order to direct traffic into a website. SEO plays a crucial role in promoting a website on the internet and all businesses must have a proper SEO plan in place. In addition to having a SEO plan, another important factor is to execute the plan and to measure how it progresses.

SEO progress measurement

A professional SEO plan that is not executed properly, will not add any value to the business, so the quality of execution is as important as the professionality of the SEO plan. You, as a business owner must keep an eye on how your SEO plan is performing and make sure that it is moving properly and on the right track. To do so, there are a number of measuring factors and tools to be applied, so you will have a better understanding of how you are progressing in terms of SEO and in case any corrective action is required, you would respond promptly.

SEO performance measuring tools and factors

There are a number of good tools to be applied, when it comes to measuring your SEO performance. CTR or Click-Through-Rate, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Traffic Cost, DA or Domain Authority and Similarweb are the mostly used tools for indicating the SEO performance.

Here in this article, we will dive into three most popular and accurate measuring tools to see how they work.

Traffic Cost

It is an SEO measurement service that is provided by Semrush. It refers to the money you must pay to receive a certain amount of traffic on your strategic keywords, through a Google paid Ad. To make it clearer, think of a website that starts today and intends to receive traffic through Google Ads. The website owner must pay, say USD 500 per month to have a certain amount of traffic on his website. On the contrary, think of another website that managed to get the same amount of traffic on a keyword through a SEO plan. In this case, the traffic cost of the keyword will be the same as the cost that the other website should be paying to Google; 500 bucks. In other words, SEO has managed to create USD 500 value on a keyword. Therefore, we can come to such a conclusion, that as long as the traffic cost on your keyword is on a rising trend, you can rest assured that your SEO plan is performing well.

Domain Authority

DA is another measuring tool for SEO. DA basically measures the probability of a website to rank on SERPs. DA, which is being provided by Moz, is based on Moz’s Link Explorer web index and uses many other factors in its calculation. The calculation is done by a machine learning model to predict how likely a website is to rank on Google by using thousands of actual websites’ ranking on search results. In other words, the model considers the actual rankings on thousands of search results as standards, and finds the best algorithm that matches their link data with it.

The DA calculation process is complicated and, as mentioned above, is based on their undisclosed specific factors and data coming from thousands of rankings information. The score range is between 0 to 100 which makes it an understandable SEO measuring tool. The higher your score is, the better your SEO has performed and also, as your SEO plan progresses, any improvement in your DA score means your SEO is performing well.


It is a great tool to compare your SEO performance against your competitors. Similarweb is a tool that estimates the total amount of traffic that different websites get, and makes you capable of monitoring your competitors’ traffic, bounce rate, keywords analytics, page views, conversion rate and a lot more.

By utilizing Smiliarweb, you will be capable of finding top keywords, see search traffics on different categories, build your benchmark, get and analyze visitor’s data and create targets on your lead list. Furthermore, through Similarweb, you can understand where you are standing and how your SEO is performing in comparison with your competitors.

As a conclusion, Similarweb is pretty much a comparison tool through which endless data and analysis can be made to evaluate how your website is performing and progressing in terms of SEO.


Measuring your SEO performance is as important as having a SEO plan in place for your business. There are many tools and factors, as mentioned above, through which the SEO progress can be measured and evaluated from different aspects. You must keep in mind that every tool has its own pros and cons and their outcome is not 100% accurate. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to utilize multiple factors to make sure that your SEO is progressing on the right track. Besides, applying such factors and tools requires knowledge and experience in order to accomplish the measurement process precisely, so working with an experienced SEO consultant or a professional and reputable digital marketing service provider is an unchangeable rule, when it comes to measuring your SEO performance.

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