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93% of online sales start with searching on Google!

Most internet users look for their required information and websites, by looking on main search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. On the other hand, search engines try to accurately guess the user’s main intention of searching a particular keyword and suggest the best responses accordingly. Therefore, users trust extremely more on search engine suggestions rather than advertised contents. This makes SEO very important for your website to be successful.

We have to bring this to your attention that the user’s searched keywords in search engines are very important due to the fact that attracting users from search engines would increase the business success chance significantly.

There are multiple advantages of having visitors from SEO rather than any kind of advertisement and it will cost you less in a longer timeframe.

خدمات سئو سایت


What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a series of techniques and tactics to increase the website’s visitors by improving its performance through the search engine standards. There are several elements affecting website SEO, including keywords in website contents, backlinks and website coding and structure.

The most frequently asked question is: “what does SEO exactly mean?”

SEO is a set of activities in web-design, strategy planning and content creation, in order to enhance a website’s rank in google ranking algorithm in order to increase your visitors.

The SEO concept is not limited to search engines. It is also related to improving the structure of the website for visitors to have a better experience. For that purpose, google policies are now more aligned with user experience and feedback.

The Effect of Visitor’s Behaviour on SEO

The new Google’s algorithm, especially RankBrain, is programmed to analyse visitors’ behaviour in order to optimise the ranking accordingly.

Once a user searches something in Google and one or some of the Google’s suggestions is chosen, the user choices will be taken into account by Google under the searched topic. As a case in point, if a website with Google’s low rank gets more clicks, Google will improve its ranking in accordance with users’ behaviour.

In addition, users’ time spent in a particular website till their next similar search, will be an important factor for Google ranking algorithm.

The time span, from when a visitor clicks on your website link, until his next search for the same keyword in Google again, is called “Dwell Time”. If you are interested in understanding the effects of a user’s behaviour on SEO, we suggest you read the RankBrain article.



Websima SEO Standards

SEO and optimisation are a long-term and continuous process. There are several techniques and methods to get a better rank in Google which all are more or less effective. Succeeding in SEO requires 3 major elements as below:


1. Technical SEO

Non-standard website wastes your money and time!

Standard coding, applying  SEO rules in design, standard highlighting, optimising loading speed, responsive design and so on are called “SEO Technical”. To start content marketing, a powerful and standard website design is mandatory.

SEO Standard Web Design

2. Content Marketing

Targeted contents are the keys to success!

Activities such as finding valuable keywords, analysing competitors, developing a content strategy, producing useful contents, tagging, categorising and internal link building are crucial in content marketing. Succeeding in SEO without content marketing is impossible.

بازاریابی محتوا

SEO is a Logn-term Guaranteed Investment

3. Targeted link building

  • لینک سازی خارجی

Complying with SEO standards and content marketing can take you to the first page of Google, however, to get the first rank and to compete with older competitors, you will need to work on “SEO off page”. Social network activities, professional forums, comment marketing, purchasing valuable backlinks and ad reporting are called “SEO off-Page”.



The Importance of SEO in Search Engines

Although Google is an intelligent search engine, it still requires users’ assistance. Google constantly strives to suggest better results to its users. However, there are some obstacles which make SEO necessary in this process. Making a single mistake in SEO, would cause your website to be hidden from users, wasting all your efforts and consequently, your competitors may have a better outcome with lower quality contents.

Google crawlers have specific factors to recognise the contents of a page, so if you observe the rules you will have a better chance in order to get a better result in Google rankings. These factors are called “On-page SEO” and to succeed, all the factors should be cleared and understood.

Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Using SEO techniques which are aligned with customers’ satisfaction and applying the right rules of SEO in this process is called “White Hat SEO”. On the contrary, using search engine weaknesses and deceptive techniques along with ignoring customers’ satisfaction is called “Black Hat SEO”. Google regularly finds out these methods and punishes the websites who use Black Hat SEO. To get a better view on this concept we suggest you read the “SEO Methods” article on our website.

SEO Prices in Australia

 The SEO costs are normally charged on a monthly basis. The pricing range starts from 1000 AUD and goes up to 10,000 AUD per month. There are many elements affecting the pricing range for SEO services. Check out our SEO Services Pricing for more information:



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How long does it take to get the first rank in Google?

The response to this question is depending on the nature of the business and its website. Depending on your company background, your targeted keywords and your competitors’ situation, the given time would be different. It is possible for one project to take 3 months, while another one needs more than a year.

How much does a SEO project cost?

SEO is not a product; it is a series of professional services depending on the project. Therefore, it is not possible to assign a fixed price to an SEO service. However, it is possible to categorise SEO services into website optimisation, content marketing, link creation and so on to put a reasonable pricing structure together. You may check our “Pricing” section in the menu for more details.

What is the guarantee to get the first rank in Google?

One of the most common requests from customers is a guarantee to take their website to the first rank in Google which is a wrong and illegal request. There is no guarantee in determination of your future rank in Google in a specific time-frame, as there is no available information about the future Google updates and your competitors’ activities. Although giving a guarantee to a customer would increase the chance of securing the project, this is considered as a fraud by Google.
Our guarantee is our efforts and history and we guarantee that your project will be optimised

Is Websima a registered company in Australia?

Yes. Websima Australia is registered as Light Thunder L.L.C.

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