There is always a good demand for web designers in the global job marketWebsite design is among the most popular and in-demand occupations across the world. The future is even brighter for designers, considering the new age of digital technology and the importance of online presence. To become a professional web designer, you must firstly be interested in web design and then start to expand your knowledge and experience. However, even if you are not, you must become familiar with the web design basics, if you want to build a website for your business regardless of its type. The cost of web design in Australia is relatively high, so you will be better off to become familiar with the basics, before working with a web designer, to make the most out of your time and money.

Important factors for a good web design

What do we mean by good web design? It goes without saying that a good website design is designing a website that the audiences like to explore in, and search engines like to put it upper within their search results. For such a website there are essentials that must be in place that we will go through right now. 

1- It must be user friendly

Every single website is designed and developed for users. This is a fact, isn’t it? As such, your website must be looking friendly and easy to work with from users’ perspective. This is the basics of User Experience or UX design. Your targeted audiences’ preferences, needs and behaviour must be fully understood , so the design will be developed accordingly. As such, it is essential for you to become familiar with UX design principles, to make sure your website design is moving on the right track.

2- Mobile Responsiveness is a key factor

The number of internet users who surf the internet by their smartphones overtook desktop users these days. It makes sense, as the mobile internet is more accessible, so the usage is now much more than desktops. As such, it is essential that your website displays perfectly on all mobile screens of any size. Even though your web designer must take care of mobile-responsive design for you, it is a perfect idea to have basic knowledge about how to make a mobile responsive website for the sake of staying on top of your web design project. 

3- Website Loading Speed plays an important role

website loading speed plays a crucial role on a website qualityNowadays, internet users are not tolerant enough to wait more than a couple of seconds for a web page to fully load. In that case, users would close the web page instantly and look for another website to find what they are after. Your website loading speed is also a reflection of the quality of your website and consequently the quality of your product, service and information. Hence, make sure to understand how to optimize website loading speed, to become able to check your web designer taking good care of it.

4- The design must reflect your business type and brand identity

The visual appearance of your website must be fully in line with your brand and business type. For instance, if you are designing an ecommerce website to start your own business, the fonts and typography as well as colour schemes will be different to a website for law and legal service providers. Here are good tips on how to choose colour palette and appropriate typography for your website.

5- Website optimization for SEO is the most important factor

Website SEO optimization is an ongoing process that starts at the very beginning day of  the website design and it never ends. Optimizing your website for search engines must be fully considered during the website design process and it is nothing to be added later. You must be aware of how to optimize a website for SEO, so you can rest assured that all requirements are considered by your designer.

Final Words

Technology advancement has made web design easy. Even if you don’t have much experience, you are now able to design a website by using ready to use templates and a CMS like WordPress. However, to design a website that works for your business, a high level of knowledge and experience is needed. As such, if you are not really familiar with web design and website building, don’t risk your time and money and leave it with the capable hand of a reputable web design agency. But, we would highly recommend making yourself familiar with the key factors and best practices, in order to be on top of your web design project and control the web design process as going forward.

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