Over the past two decades, usage of smartphones has become widespread across the globe. As such, internet users are moving from desktop computers to their smartphones, when surfing through the internet. Having said that, if mobile responsiveness was an option for websites before, it becomes crucial now, as internet users would instantly leave websites that are not displaying on their mobile screen perfectly.

Mobile Responsiveness is not a fancy option anymore. It is a must-have feature for all websites.

Benefits of responsive website

If you are looking for digital services such as web design in Australia, it is worth your while to understand the benefits of having a responsive website. Let’s dive deeper and see what benefits are associated with a responsive design.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur who are after ecommerce web design in Australia, or owning a local restaurant and looking for having more customers by taking your small business online, your website must be designed responsive due to the benefits listed below:

  • Improves User Experience

As mentioned earlier, more people are using their mobile phones to surf the internet these days, so they want a perfect display of the website they are visiting on their screen. As such, a perfectly responsive designed website would enhance user experience.

  • Increases the Conversion Rate

A responsive website makes you approach a wider range of audiences, as both desktop and mobile users are able to smoothly navigate through to your website and take action. Besides, once users feel comfortable with your website, it is more likely for them to take action. Hence, a mobile responsive website would add a great value to your website and your conversion rate.

  • Creates Credibility and Trustworthy

Nowadays, having a nonresponsive website would degrade your credibility for both search engines and users. Internet users instantly leave such a website not only because surfing becomes difficult, but also they normally don’t trust a website that is not responsive in 2023! As such, a professionally responsive designed website would improve your website credibility.

  • Boosts SEO

Improving user experience would significantly enhance your website performance on search engines. Furthermore, for major search engines like Google, mobile responsiveness of a website is considered as an important factor for positioning it on their search results. Therefore, a mobile responsive website has a better chance to rank higher in SERPs and a stronger performance in terms of SEO in Australia and anywhere else across the globe.

Best tips to make a website mobile responsive

Most important tips to make a mobile responsive website

The website development cost in Australia, if it comes from a reputable agency, is not cheap. Therefore,  make sure that you are familiar with the basic requirements, if you are thinking of building your own website, so you can rest assured that you select the best web design company that suits your needs best. Now we will get you familiar with the best practices to make a mobile responsive website.   

  • Use responsive layouts and themes

A responsive layout makes a website rescaled based on the device screen size. By utilizing a responsive layout, the website appearance changes, based on the user’s device screen size. For instance, for a desktop version the website appears as a two column web page while for a mobile device it is displayed as a one column web page.

  • No Adobe Flash and pop-ups are permitted

Adobe flash is not supported by mobile devices. As such, even though it’s a perfect tool for creating visualized content, it is highly recommended to not use it, as it will not be displayed on mobile devices. As an alternate option, use HTML5 on your website, as it works perfectly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. That’s pretty much the same for pop-ups, as they are not easily readable on small mobile screens.  

  • Appropriately allow for free space

Reading through the content, finding the right CTA button and clicking on the hyperlinks on a small screen like mobile phones can be confusing and difficult. Therefore, you must allow for proper free space between the links, call to action buttons and textual content to the degree that they are clear and understandable by all users with different levels of IT knowledge and familiarity.

  • Optimize loading speed

Website loading speed is a crucial factor that Google considers to position a website rank on its result page. That is even more important for mobile versions of websites, as the mobile internet speed varies based on the location a user is at. Hence, it is important for Google that your website loads instantly on mobile screen, even if the internet speed is not good enough. To do so, you must compress the images without sacrificing the quality though, and also make the CSS file as light as possible.

  • Check your website responsiveness from time to time

It’s always a good idea to check your entire website responsiveness to make sure that everything is moving on the right track. One of the best free tools to do so is the Mobile Friendly Test provided by Google.


Mobile responsiveness is not a fancy option for websites anymore. All websites of any type must be designed responsive in order to be shown up on all screens perfectly, regardless of the screen size. There are quite a few important factors that we have already gone through one by one in this article that must be complied with, when it comes to building a mobile responsive website.

Websima, as the leading web design and SEO service provider in Australia is always here to help. If you are thinking of building your website from scratch or already own a website but not happy with how it looks on different screen sizes, contact us to book for a free consultation meeting. We will go through your requirements together and provide you with the best possible solution.

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