Seven Important Points to Consider on an eCommerce Website

Online business has been growing fast over the past two decades and is foreseeing to grow even faster in the future. Having an online interaction platform with customers is now an essential task, regardless of the business type and size in today’s world. The most important point here is that a business without a website would not be trustworthy from the user’s perspective. 

Ecommerce, as a part of online business, is now a worldwide industry. Even though there are a considerable number of people who still prefer to shop at the actual stores, this is now changing. To cope with the changes, there are a huge number of websites out there, offering all types of products and services online. While the ecommerce industry grows more, the competition for business owners gets tighter. Hence, to be successful in this highly competitive industry, the participants should be more intelligent! Obviously, the most important tool to do business online is the ecommerce website, so the ecommerce web design for online shops is the main thing to be considered. To be more specific, we will be discussing the most important elements that play a crucial role in ecommerce web design to be successful.

1. Clear on the type of service and products 

An ecommerce website design should be specific on the services and products that are going to be provided. Ecommerce web design options will be narrowed down to more relevant and smart choices if the idea of your business is transparent and specifically outlined.


2. Functionality, simplicity and ease of navigation

People who decide to shop online are most likely looking for convenience. They are after quality services and products with as simple and convenient procedure as possible. The web design for online shops should comply with this point as people normally ignore shopping in the middle of purchasing procedure, if they find it difficult and complex! Besides, the speed and functionality of an ecommerce website should be at its highest level possible as this is another important factor from user experience perspective. 


3. Quality of backend infrastructure of your online shop

The quality of backend infrastructure is another crucial factor when it comes to web design for online shops. Imagine that during a big sales, with huge number of customers accessing your website to order their needs on the sales price, if the website goes down and  the customer are not be able to order the products they want at the sales  price, your whole business might be at high risk as the customers would not forget and forgive!


4. Mobile responsive is a must for an eCommerce

As we already know, the majority of people around the world who have access to the internet, prefer to use their smartphone for browsing through the internet. Likewise, people prefer to use their smartphone to shop online. Therefore, for ecommerce web design, it should be mobile friendly in a way that exactly works on desktop computers. 


5. Security becomes even more important for an online shop

The most important and sensitive component of ecommerce web design. Even though security is one of the most important parts of designing any kind of website, its importance goes significantly higher, when it comes to web design for online shops. Since your customer should be providing their credit card or bank account details on your ecommerce website, this data should be maintained and taken care of at the highest security level. Unless, once a very minor security issue occurs, your ecommerce website will lose the customer’s trust and consequently its reputation. That will be the end of your story of doing business online! Using SSL is a must in this matter.


6. SEO

Due to the very tight competition in the ecommerce industry, market participants try hard to have the biggest possible piece of the cake! In order to compete, there is no point of web design for online shops without considering SEO as it looks like opening a big store and providing a wide range of products in the middle of nowhere, where there are no people passing by!! It’s meaningless isn’t it? Thus, the SEO standards should be considered at the very first day of designing an ecommerce website. Even though the ecommerce website design must be SEO standardised, it will not finish there. Once the ecommerce website is up and running, it should be updated in a reasonable time frame, depending on the business type, with relevant and informative content. This not only improves your google rank, but also gets interested people to come back to your website regularly. You can check “SEO Services in Australia” for more details.


7. User Experience

At the end of the day, these are the users who are determinant for your ecommerce business to be successful or not! That’s why the user experience of visiting your ecommerce website is crucial. When it comes to web design for online shops, the effective elements such as how the website looks, colourings, different tools and services for user convenience, multiple payment options, shopping cards, wish list, product detailed information and so on should be considered in order to improve your customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that user experience is improving your website’s SEO significantly due new Google’s algorithms.


How much does it cost to design and build an ecommerce website?

The project cost depends on your requirements. There are a wide range of elements which can be designed for an ecommerce website which affect the cost. The more sophistication you want, the more budget should be available! However, as we at Websima would never sacrifice the quality for lower price, we have defined a minimum requirement for ecommerce website design for which you have to be ready to pay at least AUD 3’000 to have a standard ecommerce website. This can go up to AUD 20’000, if more features and tools are selected. More complicated ecommerce website with unique features like an inventory management system would cost you more. Don’t try cheap web designers as you will have a broken website after a while and it wastes your money and more importantly your time. If you want to know more about web design prices in Australia, you can check our “Pricing” section in the menu.

How long does it take for a corporate website design to become up and running?

The project time frame also depends on the customer’s requirements. The number of pages, features, bars, payment options and so on, affect the required time for the ecommerce website to be up and running. Thanks to our talented and professional team, we can confidently ensure our customers to finalise their projects at the earliest time possible. This will normally be between 1 to 4 months at the latest depending on the features you require. You can read “How long does it take to build a new website in Australia” article.

Do you redesign an existing website?

In case of having a website which is not to your satisfaction, we are here to help! We can definitely work on your existing website to make positive changes, however we have to firstly analyse your required changes to make sure they are doable.

Will you provide ongoing support, once my website is completed?

After designing a website for your company, the most important part of our business is to walk beside you while working with your website. Due to the importance of this task for us, we are happy to offer our clients a free 3 month support period. This can go up to 12 months, depending on the project. We can extend that period of time with reasonable pricing if needed. You can check “Web Design” for more information about Websima’s web design services.

Can you help me to get a high rank in Google?

Yes we can! One of our high quality services in Websima is to provide SEO services to our customers. We will be helping you by providing relevant content in compliance with SEO standards and applying the most updated SEO techniques and tactics to push your website up to Google higher ranks.

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