Seven Important Points to Consider on a Corporate Website

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that” Paul Cookson

There is no doubt about the importance of websites for businesses of any kind. Your corporate website will be the forehead of your business in order to attract people in need of your services to your company. The first challenge here is, how an attractive corporate web design would look like.

Web design for companies should have some specific elements to get people noticed. In other words, when implementing a corporate web design, different factors should be considered in comparison with an online shop which sells clothing.

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Here in this article, we will be discussing the most important 7 elements that should be considered for corporate web design.

  •  Visual design and appearance of your corporate website


Corporate web design is the major element of how the business is presented online. The word “design” includes logo, fonts, colours, layouts, etc. When we are talking about web design for companies, it should be specific to the business nature, professional, good looking and straightforward. For example, developing a corporate website for a massage centre should include a peaceful theme and colouring with emphasis on health and wellbeing. 


  • Relevant and professional content related to your company


Providing relevant and quality content for people who are after specific information is the next important element for corporate web design. That will guarantee that the website works perfectly as well as attracting more relevant audiences.

The information provided on your website and how they are presented are crucial for a corporate website to be successful. The content should not only be informative and correct, but also exciting to read.  


  • Easy navigation 


When it comes to corporate website design, the navigation tools are the next crucial point. The tools which are called “Nav Bars” are the buttons that help visitors to find and move to the content they are looking for. They are normally located on the top of the page in a most convenient way for visitors to use them. It could be a good idea to keep similar topics under one main Nav bar to make it simple for visitors to find as much information as possible on your website.


  • Trustworthiness and credibility 


Website design for companies is all about promoting the company business to potential customers in order to sell services and products. In contrast with traditional business in which people pay and get their required services or goods at the same time, in online business, people should be paying first and get their needs later. This won’t be happening unless people trust your website. In order to make your corporate website trustworthy, you should pay attention to details such as professional, legitimate and grammatically correct content, clear contact information and links to your business account on social media. A space for customers to share their experience of working with your website would also be a good idea to make other people trust your website.


  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive Design)


We are now living in a smart phone world! For almost all people around the world who have access to the internet, the preferred method to explore is now through mobile phones. People will most probably return to the website which responds well on mobile phones. Hence, when it comes to website design for companies, being mobile responsive, is one of the most important factors to definitely be considered.


  • Security and Privacy


Internet users pay significant attention to their privacy and security when browsing online. They are pretty vigilant on the websites they surf in, to avoid any possible issues. Thus, your website should be aligned with the security and privacy regulation and it must be brought to people’s attention. That would have a good impact on people’s minds to come back to your website with no security or privacy concern.


  • SEO Standards for Your Corporate Website


Many designers, when it comes to web design for companies, concentrate on the visual elements and appearance of the design. They put all their effort into making the design to be attractive. Even though the website appearance along with the standard contents are very important factors for a corporate web design to be successful, the more important factor is people being able to find it! If you design a beautiful and attractive website with highly standard content, with no visitor, what is the point of building a website?

We now understand the importance of corporate website design to be complied with SEO standards and regulations.

As the SEO process is an all-time activity that starts at the very beginning stages of the website design, it should definitely be considered and applied, when designing a website for companies. To get more information about SEO services in Australia, you can contact us.






How much does it cost to design and build a standard corporate website?

The project cost entirely depends on what you are after. The number of pages, features, bars and so on, play a crucial role on the cost of corporate web design. However, you should allocate AUD 2’000 at least, to have a good looking, attractive and SEO standard website. You can check the “Pricing” section in our menu for more information.

How long does it take for a corporate website design to become up and running?

The project time frame also depends on the customer’s requirements. The number of pages, features, bars and so on affect the required time for the corporate website to be up and running. Thanks to our talented and professional team, we can confidently ensure our customers to finalise their projects at the earliest time possible. However, we should never ignore the quality of our work in order to save time and deliver sooner!

Does Websima redesign an existing website?

In case of having a website which is not to your satisfaction, we are here to help! We can definitely work on your existing website to make positive changes, however we have to firstly analyse your required changes to make sure that they are viable. If you consider redesigning your website, we suggest you read the “Redesigning a website” article in our blog

Will you provide ongoing support, once my website is completed?

After designing a website for your company, the most important part of our business is to walk beside you while working with your website. Due to the importance of this task for us, we are happy to offer our clients a free 3 month support period. This will go up to 12 months for specific projects. We can extend that period of time with reasonable pricing if needed.

Can you help me to get a high rank in Google?

Yes we can! One of our high quality services in Websima is to provide SEO services to our customers. We will be helping you by providing relevant content in compliance with SEO standards and applying the most updated SEO techniques and tactics to push your website up to Google higher ranks.

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