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Jeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest people in the world, made his fortune through an ecommerce website, Amazon! Thanks to the significant growth of people’s interest and preference to shop online, the ecommerce industry has been one of the booming industries over the last two decades. The people’s intention to shop online is predicted to grow more in the future, so running an online business through an elegant ecommerce website would be a great business idea. However, due to its profitability, more people are eager to participate in the market to take their own advantage. There are a large number of ecommerce websites out there that are trying hard to take a bigger piece of the online business cake. In such a competitive market with relatively smarter market participants, it’s very important to get prepared and equipped, if you want to start your ecommerce website. There are a huge number of features and facilities being proposed to online users by ecommerce websites around the globe. Obviously, the more facilities and features are provided for potential customers, the more loyal customers will be secured for your website, as people are after quality services and peace of mind simultaneously.  We have listed the most essential features below, for your information and consideration.

Products and Goods Features of an Online Shop”

  • Capability of putting unlimited products on simple or variable display 
  • Tagging and categorisation facility for users’ ease of access
  • Capability of loading the products’ photo gallery, selected photo, general and technical information and specifications.
  • Capability of displaying different products in a variable form along with multiple relevant choices which affect the final product price such as colour, size, etc.
  • Capability of pricing every single product, applying special discount for each product separately on a timely basis
  • Displaying the best seller and special and discounted products as well as special offers
  • Displaying the relevant products automatically or by management selection.
  • Displaying the supplementary products for every single product. For example, recommending sports socks, when someone is buying sports shoes.

User Satisfaction Features for an Online Shop:

  • Easy registration procedure
  • Easy to view and select products to add into or remove from shopping cart
  • Multiple payment options for a convenient shopping experience
  • Multiple delivery options to be compatible with different customer needs
  • Capability of viewing and tracking the orders by customers.
  • Capability of using discount coupons while shopping
  • Capability of creating wish list, adding their desired products to shop later
  • Capability of commenting and ranking for every single product. The customers who have purchased the product should be highlighted.
  • Easy searching feature based on product name and category
  • Newsletter registration feature

Store Features and Management Panel:

  • Capability of managing different types of logistics 
  • Capability of VAT and other taxes calculation for every single product
  • Reporting feature based on different subjects such as product type, category, timeframe, sales volume, discounts, etc. as required
  • Stock management and disabling out of stock products
  • Capability of sending automatic alarm and email to the website manager in case any single product is sold out
  • Infographic reports
  • Capability of viewing the latest orders and the ability to change the order status
  • Capability of putting a note for customers
  • Capability of creating and managing different types of discount coupons such as percentage discounts, lump sum discounts, conditional discounts like the minimum shopping amount, special events, discounts on special product categories, etc.
  • Payment gateway management system
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