Website Design for a Construction Company in Australia

Nowadays, everything is moving forward much faster than before. As a matter of fact, all businesses of any type, should be presented online, so if you own a business, a company or even a small retail business, you need to make it online as soon as possible. To do so, you will obviously need a website first. In this series of articles, we will explain the details of websites required for some specific businesses.

We, through this article, will explain the features and information you may need to build a website for a Construction Company in Australia.

What Features are required for a Construction Company website?

Depending on the concept, reputation, and some other factors, you may choose to have some or all of the features mentioned below:


  1. Animated Slider: An animated slider with a selection of videos or photos which are presenting your Company type.
  2. A page with your contact details and LOCATION. The location should be embedded in Google Maps for mobile users who want to navigate directly from your website into maps.
  3. A brief description of your brand, company history and goals.
  4. A page to introduce the different types and categories of services, which are provided by you.
  5. A separate page to explain about every single service, in detail. 
  6. List of the companies or contractors you have worked with. (Including their testimonials)
  7. A separate page to introduce your team on board.
  8. A dedicated page to exhibit your company’s certificates and awards.
  9. BLOG POSTS: This is the most crucial section of your website as it is highly effective on your SEO.
  10. Online appointment: This is good for bigger companies to manage the appointments accurately.
  11. Think Out of the BOX: You can always come up with new ideas for your construction company and we are always here to convert your ideas to reality. You just let us know what changes you need to make on your website and we will get back to you with a solution that suits you.

“Six Construct” Company as a small company website sample

Bear in mind that creativity in design will make people trust more. So, the more you invest here, the more you benefit later.

What Features are required for a big construction holding?

  1. Property finder portal
  2. Customer’s profile and portal
  3. Resellers profile and portal
  4. Contractor’s profile and portal
  5. Payment options and schedules for customers, resellers, and contractors
  6. Social media API to connect the website to their latest updates.
  7. Newsletter subscription
  8. FAQ
  9. Multi-language option
  10. Live Customer Support

MERAAS as an enlarged Holding Website Sample

There are more options to be added in, if the construction company director desires to do so. These are just the most popular features we have listed above, though some of the features are inevitable to have when it comes to creating a website for a big construction company.

Please share your experience with us in the comments and tell us if you had a good or bad experience building a website for construction companies.


What kind of design should be used for your Construction Company website?

The design of a construction company website should be neat, creative and straightforward for customers. Applying too many animated vectors and icons is not recommended. It is vital to choose a suitable colour pallet that complies with the brand identity and website design.

Which CMS should be used to build a website for a Construction Company?

It depends on the company size. If you have a small construction company, it’d be better to utilise ready to use templates, though your website SEO should be carefully considered when using templates.

If you have a larger construction company, we suggest using WordPress and working with a professional web design company. It would cost you more, though you will see the benefits later.

If you are a mega Construction Company like Metricon, you’d probably need to have your own dedicated CMS.

We suggest you read the Web Design with WordPress or a Dedicated CMS? article to figure out which CMS is better for you.

How long does it take to build a Construction Company website?

From a small construction company to a big holding, it may take around 2 weeks up to 6 months, depending on your required features. We suggest you read the How long does it take to create a website in Australia article for detailed information on the required time-frame.

How much does it cost to build a website for a Construction Company?

It starts from AUD 3’000 for a small construction company, and goes up to AUD 10’000 for a larger one.

Though, if you want a website for a holding with all the portals and features to be included, the cost would go much higher to around AUD 40K. In this case, a long-term contract with the web designer is needed to be in place, for later support and updates.

We suggest you check the Web Design Pricing to understand the scale of your business better.

Does Websima provide design services for Construction Companies?

Yes we do! Websima has a wide range of designers and coders on board in order to meet its customers’ satisfaction. You should just contact us and get a free consultation for your website requirements. Our purpose is to offer the best option suitable for your company’s scale, as you should not invest more or less than what is needed in your industry.

You can read Web Design Procedures to understand the procedure of creating a website in Websima better.

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