Create Your website with WordPress?

If you are a little bit into web design and software, you have most probably heard about “WordPress”. WordPress is an open source “Content Management System” (CMS) which is used for website building. A few creative and innovative coders created the first core of the WordPress back in 2003, which was admired by users.

By increasing the number of users, the number of coders were increased. Today, there are millions of users all around the world, adding new features to WordPress every moment.

Even though other CMSs such as Joomla and Drupal were in the same situation on the beginning days, WordPress managed to get ahead of other competitors and increase its market share in the web-design industry, over the last three years.

In addition, WordPress panel has the capability of being upgraded or optimised by add-ons, which provides a facility to have new sections in the panel for a better user experience. Currently, all Web design  projects in WEBSIMA benefit from our upgraded and efficient management panel, which gives you the features that are beyond the initial WordPress core.


1- Applying PHP & MySQL

PHP is currently the most popular coding language for web-design. According to a report issued by w3techs website in November 2020, almost 79% of the websites in the world are using PHP to implement their website core. The Content Management System of WordPress is also created based on PHP coding which helps us to have a more flexible and upgradable platform while we are building a website in WordPress.

As mentioned before, WordPress has the capability of having different add-ons and templates, which makes many coders around the world capable of creating new features and templates for this CMS. Practically, any feature you may need in your company website or ecommerce, can be found in an add-on with a reasonable cost, depending on its capability. Therefore, WordPress, thanks to the add-ons, is technically capable of providing any feature and tool that is needed to build a website.

2- A WordPress Website is perfectly matched with SEO Standards

One of the most important reasons for WordPress popularity is that it fully matches with SEO standards.There is a public belief that a WordPress website will rank well on Google, even faster than other websites.  Even though some parts like navigation and header structure are specific to WordPress only, some other parts such as pages’ outcome and contents should be managed by web designers and content managers. as they have a significant effect on SEO performance.

Websima has considerable and successful experience, in terms of design and coding to build  a SEO standard website by considering content strategies, coding standards for SEO, fast loading pages and visual optimisation on mobile phones and other devices . This will lead us to have an efficient and very well looking website. We are confident enough to assure you that the majority of Websima’s clients have had a brilliant successful experience, from SEO perspective, within the first six months of their operation.

3- High Security and Consistent Updates in WordPress Websites

There are some web-designers in the world who consider WordPress as a low-security CMS. However, this is totally wrong, as there are many secure and important websites around the world which were developed by WordPress. These websites have always been an attractive target for hackers, with no considerable success for them so far, which implies the WordPress high level of security.

 To be more specific about a website’s security, the fact that websites are usually hacked through three main points should be carefully considered.

Below, we will discuss these three points further:

Security from User’s Side

The first section that security becomes vital for, is the security of users and website managers. There are so many emails or social media accounts being hacked every day. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with the website security level. Most of the time, it is due to selecting easy to predict passwords or not taking the password protection seriously.

Most common passwords being used around the world are “123456”, “qwerty” and “111111” which are absolutely predictable and insecure. It is worth sharing a strange fact here for you that the top 10 most frequently used passwords are applicable to almost 50% of social media accounts. In other words, hackers are able to get access to 50% of all accounts in social media by testing 10 passwords only!

To increase the WordPress developed websites security level, this issue has been responded to by putting limitations and regulations for choosing passwords. The accounts security settings and password limitations can be set up through the management account. Also, if a user enters a wrong password three times in a row, the associated account will be blocked automatically with no access permission for an hour! This will protect websites from robotic attackers.


WordPress Core Security

WordPress should be considered as a product that is developed by millions of people, so any security issue will potentially put all of them at risk. That’s why the WordPress core issues updates and upgrades consistently. If you just keep your pace with all WordPress updates, you won’t face any security issues. Most of the websites which were hacked, did not have updates for more than a year.

WordPress Website Server Security 

WordPress has a high standard of security at server side as most of the reported problems were from coding or additional features. Also, some other issues are due to non-standard or unlocked add-ons on your website which will definitely decrease your website security level and make your website an attractive target for hackers.

There are some other security issues which are caused by the server companies. These kinds of issues might be happening, regardless of whether a website has been developed by WordPress or any other CMS.


Why Do Companies Prefer WordPress for Their Websites?

Some of our clients insist on WordPress to be used as CMS for their project. The reason behind that is the millions of people who are coding and developing it. Famous WordPress Websites That You’ll definitely recognise:

  • Etsy Journal
  • TechCrunch
  • Microsoft News
  • TED Blog
  • BBC America
  • PlayStation
  • Skype
  • The Walt Disney Company.
  • Facebook Newsroom

These companies know that if they get into trouble with their web-design company, they can continue their work with another company or, they can even make their own team to do the job. However, if the website is built with an exclusive CMS, there is no choice other than cooperating with the company who built the website from scratch.


Learning to create a website with WordPress

We can say that building a website with WordPress can be easy and difficult at the same time! Many companies in the world are using ready-to-use templates on WordPress and enjoying its very low cost. In this case, they just need to learn how to work with and to manage the WordPress templates.

Many of these templates are designed to cover different kinds of clients’ needs and as a result they present too many features out of which, more than 90% may not suit your project. Lots of available features may look decent at first, however it should be noted that they will make your website heavy and low-speed and also your updates will be much more complicated.

To learn how to build a professional website, you need to learn HTML, CSS and jQuery first, and then PHP and templates’ structures. Hence, we can conclude that building a website is not that easy and it needs years of experience and knowledge.

Please share your WordPress or any other CMS experience with us and tell us the reasons behind your decision to choose WordPress as your preferred CMS.

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