An ongoing discussion has always been up between designers and website owners on a topic called whitespace. The majority of web designers consider whitespace as a vital element of the design due to its advantages on user experience. In contrast, most clients and website owners call it empty space rather than whitespace and consider it as a waste of real estate that can be filled with more content. Web design Australia price is relatively high, so we would like to highly recommend reading this article to the end, to make yourself familiar with what matters in web design. It will help you a lot in the process of making the best decision for your website design.

What is Whitespace in web design?

Whitespace is the area within a webpage that has neither textual nor visual content

Whitespace simply refers to areas in a website with no content, either visual or textual. The space between paragraphs, CTA buttons, animations, layouts and all other UI elements is considered as whitespace. The whitespace should not necessarily be white. It can be any colour depending on the website design. Whitespace or negative space is divided into two main categories as outlined below.

  • Micro Whitespace

Micro whitespace refers to all spaces between paragraphs, lines and other design elements. Even the space between the menu links for the separation purpose and images are called micro whitespace. Micro whitespace enhances the legibility and readability of the content on a webpage. It goes without saying that applying appropriate whitespace between lines and paragraphs would considerably improve the users’ ability to conveniently read and understand the whole content. Obviously, proper usage of micro whitespaces in a website would improve UX and consequently SEO. As such, it is a quite important element for you to consider during the design phase, if you are looking for quality SEO services in Australia.

  • Macro Whitespace

Macro whitespace refers to the large space between design layouts and elements. The most seen macro whitespace is the space in the right hand and left hand side of the majority of websites’ content. The space that is used for different sections differentiation on a website or images on a webpage is also considered as macro whitespace. Macro whitespace is larger than micro whitespace. The first page of Google is the most well-known example of applying whitespace. Macro whitespace improves users’ concentration by removing visual distractions. There are many benefits associated with Micro and Macro whitespace that makes it an important element for you to consider if you are after website design in Australia.

What are the benefits of using whitespaces

  • Whitespaces encourage users to interact moreWhitespace is capable of improving user experience by removing distractions and help user to stay focused.

One of the main issues with cluttered websites, where there is a lot of visual and textual content like ecommerce websites, is the difficulty that users face, to understand where to start. Using whitespaces appropriately and removing all distractions and unneeded information helps users to realize the starting point and the path they have to move through to achieve their goals. This is an important point for you to consider, if you are looking for ecommerce website design in Australia, or any other type of website in which, using a lot of textual and visual content is inevitable

  • Whitespaces highlight the important parts

Applying whitespaces around the important parts of a webpage, would definitely highlight them and attract users’ attention to the most important sections of the webpage. For instance, it is vital to have proper whitespaces around Call-To-action buttons, in order to have users’ attention more and help them with realizing how to achieve the goal that they have entered into the webpage for. Making things easier for users is an important element in improving user experience on a website.

  • Whitespaces improves users’ reading ability

Whitespaces between lines and paragraphs help users to stay focused on the content and feel comfortable and enthusiastic to read the content to the end. That will have a positive impact on user experience and conversion rate. Regardless of the subject of the content to be either a product specification on an ecommerce platform, an educational article about how to register a website on Google, or a movie superstar biography, appropriate utilization of whitespaces would significantly improve legibility and user experience.

  • Whitespaces helps inspiring trust

The first impression plays a vital role in users’ judgment about a website’s trustworthiness. A user’s first impression is pretty much related to the design, when visiting a website. It goes without saying that whitespaces ,if applied appropriately, would significantly improve the website appearance to users, so the first impression improves. As such, using whitespaces can improve the first impression and positively affect users’ judgment on how credible the website is. And the more credible a website is, the higher conversion is expected.

Wrapping up on whitespaces

Applying whitespaces has become an integral part of web design. Even though many clients consider it as a waste of space, we would like to assure you that it is needed and it is important. Make sure to consult with a professional web design agency in order to avoid missing such an important element on your website and also other common web design mistakes

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