In the digital era that we are living in, hundreds of thousands of businesses are operating online, regardless of whether the actual business is carried out offline or online. In such a competitive market, your first mistake can be your last one, as you may lose your reputation and customers’ trust, so failure becomes inevitable. As such, you must be quite vigilant to not make any mistake, if you are planning to take your business online. We would highly recommend getting yourself familiar with the most common mistakes in web design by reading this article before starting to look for a professional web design company in Australia to start your project with.

Mistakes in designing a website damage reputability and trustworthy

The most important mistakes when designing a website

There are many minor and major mistakes in web design that you must be aware of, if you are looking to develop your own website. Here, we have listed the most important ones for you.

  • Slow Loading Website

If your web pages take more than three seconds to load completely, you are on your way to failure! Today, internet users leave slow websites instantly and look for another one. Even though the website loading speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to user experience, it becomes more important for some particular websites such as ecommerce, where people interact more with loads of contents and CTAs. Hence, if you are looking for ecommerce web development in Australia, look for the fastest website possible.

  • Confusing Call-To-Action Buttons

CTA buttons play a crucial role in your conversion rate. CTA buttons are where your visitors start to take action. The location of the CTA buttons are very important, as misplaced buttons would take your customers away from converting. In addition, the buttons must be easy to understand, so users will conveniently figure out which buttons will take them through their desired action. Put yourself in visitors’ shoes and locate your CTA buttons accordingly. 

  • No Analytics and SEO planA SEO plan is needed before the website design is started

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin  

This is so true, when it comes to web design and internet marketing. It is a crucial point to have a professional SEO plan in place, when starting to design your website. A comprehensive SEO plan that includes utilizing analytic tools to measure your website performance is absolutely needed for your website to be designed accordingly. As such, make sure to work with a professional digital service provider who provides high quality SEO service in Australia, to design your website and put your SEO plan together beforehand. 

  • Out-dated Design 

The design trend changes over time, as the users’ taste changes. It goes without saying that the design trend changes every few years and all websites must be following the most recent trends, otherwise, they will lose their reputation and customers. In conclusion, if you are after a corporate web design, ecommerce, informative platform or any other type of website, make sure that your design is not out-dated and is inline with the current design trend. 

  • No Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is not a fancy option anymore. Considering the wide spread of mobile phone usage across the globe, the number of people who use their mobile phones to surf through the internet has been on a sharp rise. Therefore, your website must be designed mobile responsive, in order to be displayed perfectly on mobile phone screens with any size. 

  • No or weak search tool

Internet users are not tolerant enough to surf through the entire website to find a piece of information or a specific product. For instance, if you have an ecommerce platform with very well designed product categories, but without a powerful search tool, you will not convert much. That is due to the fact that most internet users prefer to type what they want and find it instantly, rather than searching through the product categories and finding what they are after. 

  • Poor Security

Nowadays, internet users don’t trust websites with no proper security certificate like https. The https security certificate encrypts the data transforms between your website and your visitors, so no criminal attackers will be able to get access to the user’s sensitive information. If you fail to provide a safe and secure feeling for your visitors, they wouldn’t take any action and never come back to your website.

Wrapping things up

Designing your own  website costs you time and money. You must take your time to find a professional web design company to work with. It goes without saying that getting a reputable web design company to design your website costs you a considerable amount of money. Even though it is a part of the investment you are making to start your own online business, you must be very careful about the common mistakes that mentioned earlier in this article to not happen for your project.

Websima, as the leading digital service provider across Australia and the international market, is always here to help. We are more than happy to take advantage of our more than a decade of experience to help you with your journey of building your own website.

If you are in need, contact us with confidence and book for a free consultation meeting to discuss your project further. We are committed to get back to our customers shortly, with a solution that suits their needs best.  

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