How to improve a website’s User Experience

A website acts as the showcase of your business. There is not much difference between an online showcase and an offline showcase. In either case, the appearance must be clean, neat, easy to understand and convenient to find items that users or customers are looking for. Basically, this is called user experience and it is almost the most important factor for a business to succeed, regardless of whether the business is carried out online or offline. As such, if you are running an online business in the Australian market, you must ensure that your business website design in Australia looks as user friendly as possible. Now, let’s see how you can enhance your website’s User Experience.

User Experience is the most important factor for a successful online business

Improve website loading speed

The loading speed is one the most important factors that is considered by both search engines to position your website on their search result and users to decide whether to stay on your website or leave instantly. As an example, users who are looking to buy a product online are not tolerant enough to wait more than three seconds for every piece of information including photos, video and textual specs to be displayed completely on their screen. They have come online as they are after speed and convenience. As such, if you are looking for  ecommerce website design in Australia, your website’s high speed would pave the way for your ecommerce to shine.

Keep it simple and easy to understand

Internet users, like mentioned earlier, are after convenience and simplicity. They are significantly against complicated websites that look pretty much like puzzles rather than a clean and neat website. Also, you must design your website for all types of users including  elderly people who are not really good at shopping online. As such, the more clear and easy to understand your website is, the better user experience will be on the horizon for your online business. It goes without saying that a better user experience would not only improve your conversion rate, but would significantly improve your website’s position on major search engines which is one the most valuable SEO services in Australia

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Over the past two decades, the usage of smartphones has become wide spread across the globe. People are now more interested in surfing the internet by using their mobile phones. Having said that, your website must be designed mobile responsive for the sake of a perfect display on your visitors’ screen. Therefore, if you are reviewing web design Australia price, quoted by different web design companies, to find a package that suits your needs best, make sure that mobile responsiveness design is included in your selected package. 

Attractive and easy to understand CTA

CTA or call to action is another crucial factor for converting visitors to loyal customers. The CTA buttons and colours must be designed and selected to make an attractive appearance for visitors. Also, the textual element of the CTA button must be very clear, so users feel comfortable to select the right action and get exactly what they are looking for. A well-designed CTA would significantly improve user experience and increase your website conversion rate which will lead to a lucrative online business. 

Apply visual content, where possible

Visual content is more attractive for online users

Internet users are usually not tolerant enough to read through long textual content to fulfil their needs. Internet users’ preferences are now moving toward visual content, when looking for something online. Even though textual content is still needed in many cases, it is worth your while to use visual content where possible.

Create Quality Content

Quality content not only improves user experience, but also enhances your website performance on search engines and boosts your SEO. An informative and comprehensive content would convert your visitors to loyal customers, as they can find their required information easily and conveniently in your website. A quality content must be covering all required information and at the same time not being too long, as people are now not interested in long textual content.


Improving user experience is the most important goal for all businesses of any type. If you are thinking of making your online business up and running, you must mainly focus on how to design your website and put your SEO plan together in order to create the best possible experience for your visitors, as this is the one and only key to success. There are quite a few methods and best practices that must be applied depending on the nature and type of your business. To make the most out of your time and money, work with a well-experienced and reputable digital marketing service provider, to rest assured that you are on the right way to success.

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