With the wide-spread internet usage to find products and services online, having a website is necessary for all businesses of any kind. As a B2C business, a website for clinics or dental practices is essential these days. 

Having a website is essential for dentists and clinics

In addition to high demand for dental services across the word for treatment purposes, over the last decade the demand for cosmetic dentistry services has also risen considerably. The new generation pays more attention to their appearance, so cosmetic dentistry has become very popular. The cosmetic dentistry, if it’s done properly, would significantly improve people’s appearance and smile. Like other businesses, the competition in cosmetic dentistry is tight and a well-designed website can help to stand out of the crowd. 

Benefits associated with a well-designed website for dental practices

The first question that might be coming to your mind as a dentist is how much does it cost and how long does it take to build a website for your dental practice. This is fair enough! However, it is highly recommended to think about the value that a website can potentially add to your business first! By understanding the benefits, you will most probably not pay much attention to the cost and time! Here they are.

  • .The majority of people are now looking online when in need of any service. A good website helps you to reach a wider range of potential customers. That would have a significant impact on the number of patients and consequently your income.  
  • A website can save a lot of time for you and your patients by processing the appointments.
  • Dental treatment is scary to most people across the world, as it doesn’t sound like a happy place! A very well-designed website with smart usage of calm colours and images that show the relaxing atmosphere of the practice would significantly motivate patients to step forward.the way dental practice website is designed would significantly affect the visitors feeling to step forward 
  • As a dentist, you most probably offer a wide range of dental services in your office. A website is the best place to showcase your services, your happy customers and the outcome of your treatments.

How to create a website for a dental practice

Considering the tools and technologies available, designing a website for a dentist is not that complicated. Other than purchasing a quality host and choosing a relevant domain name, you can use WordPress to design and build your website from A to Z. WordPress is a great tool for building various types of websites. In our case, there are an endless number of free themes and plugins that are perfectly suitable for dental practice websites. You may choose a dental theme and utilize required plugins to build an interactive website for your dental practice. For further information on interactive web design, you may read what is interactive web design article.

Designing a website for a dental practice? Here are the important factors to consider

1- Keep the design simple and calm

Your dental practice website must be a reflection of your office ambiance. Like mentioned earlier, people usually have a fear of going to the dentist to receive treatments. The more your website looks calm, welcoming and relaxing, the better feelings will be created for visitors, so it will be more likely for them to book an appointment through the website. As such, your dental practice website must be simple to work with, easy to understand the procedures and very calm, relaxing and welcoming. 

2- Visualize your website

Images from your practice are crucial for your website. In addition, quality images from the dentist and the team including hygienist, receptionist and a brief introduction of the team helps a lot in your way to improve your conversion rate. Even though the quality of the photos are quite important, pay high attention to the size of the images, as photos large in size will damage your website loading speed. Needless to say that a slow loading website for any type of business damages SEO and conversion. 

3- Include Call-To-Action

The most important part of a dental practice website is where visitors can leave their contact details to either be contacted by the team or book for their appointment. The CTA must be placed on top of your homepage and it is recommended to be placed on all web pages on the heading section. It would be a good idea to include the working days and office hours for better user experience. The CTA must be accompanied by a form for users to leave their contact details. Keep in mind to ask only for necessary information such such as name and phone number. Never overload your visitors, otherwise they will leave your website. 

4- Put necessary features and avoid unneeded ones

The process of choosing the features for all website types is very important. The needed and also unneeded features must be clearly identified for the sake of designing a perfect website. The same thing is applicable for dental practice websites. Make sure to include necessary features such as contact form, booking tool, beneficial information, FAQ and some other needed features depending on the services you provide. At the same time avoid unnecessary features like payment gateway, as even though dental practice is a B2C business, the payment is usually processed offline in the dentist office. If interested to know what is payment gateway in ecommerce, you may follow the link.

5- Improve for local SEO

The targeted audience for a dental practice website is people who are living nearby in the surrounding areas. A SEO plan to target audiences who are living 50 km away from the office is nonsense. Therefore, you must enhance local SEO features for your website to be on top of Google search local results. As the first step, make sure to register your website for Google My Business, so your practice will be shown as local business for people who are looking for dental services nearby. From a SEO point of view, mobile responsiveness is a must as many people use their mobile phones to google what they need. Make sure that your website is designed to be mobile-friendly and perfectly displayed on all mobile phones with any screen size.

Wrapping up

A website for a dental practice normally has no more than 50 pages. The design process is technically not very complicated. By following the rules and guidelines and by using an open source CMS like WordPress, you will be able to design a website for your dental practice. However,  in order to benefit from market experience and knowledge of a professional web designer, it is highly recommended to work with a reputable web design company with a proven track record of success to make sure of designing a lucrative website for your dental practice.

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