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Nowadays, everything is moving forward much faster than before. As a matter of fact, all businesses of any type, should be presented online, so if you own a business, a company or even a small retail business, you need to make it online as soon as possible. To do so, you will obviously need a website first. In this series of articles, we will explain the details of websites required for some specific businesses. We, through this article, will explain the features and information you may need to build a website for a Commercial Broker.


Australia welcomes new comers every year since many years ago. Besides, Australia is one of the biggest producer of a wide range of commodities in the world. Furthermore, strong infrastructure, transparent commercial rules and high level of security, has made a very popular place for commercial activities out of Australia. In such a busy environment with many big international companies who are operating across the country, the need for commercial brokers to provide different types of commercial services has always been on a rising trend. To take advantage of such market conditions, the number of commercial brokers has been increased significantly. In such a competitive market, a commercial broker, like other businesses, will not survive without a helpful website. Such a website should clearly represent and introduce the services that the broker is able to provide for potential customers.


Commercial Broker Website Features:

Here, we will discuss the features that are required for a commercial brokerage firm’s website.

  1. Animated Slider: An animated slider with relevant photos through which your services can be introduced.
  2. A page with your contact details and LOCATION. The location should be embedded in Google Maps for mobile users who want to navigate directly from your website into maps.
  3. A brief description of your commercial broker agency and its services.
  4. One separate page for every single service that you provide through your commercial brokerage agency. Your services should be introduced in detail.
  5. Team introduction is a must for a commercial broker. Board members, commercial consultants and other staff should be introduced here with a link to their profiles. This section will make users trust more.
  6. Dedicated page to present the firm’s licenses and awards.
  7. Online Appointment can be added to your website as an additional feature, though we strongly recommend it to be in place, as an online appointment system would attract more customers to your commercial brokerage agency.
  8. Blogs: Blogs perform like a heart for your website SEO. Therefore, we would highly recommend having a blog, even for a small commercial broker. SEO can boost your company’s turnover significantly.
  9. Think Out of the BOX: You can always come up with new ideas for your commercial brokerage agency and we are always here to convert your ideas to reality. You just let us know what changes you need to make to your website and we will get back to you with a solution that suits you.

There is one additional feature for a commercial broker website that we haven’t mentioned above, as it is quite complicated to apply. This feature is “Customer’s Portal”. It can be added to your website if needed and more importantly, if it complies with local regulations. However, you must consider the fact that keeping the legal and commercial documents and history of your customers is quite risky, as it must be kept privately, so your website security level should be at its highest level. We suggest you add this feature, if you have a BIG commercial brokerage agency with an in-house IT manager.



What kind of design should be used for your Commercial Broker website?

First of all, the design must use colors that are relevant to the legal and commercial atmosphere. Brown and black colors sound perfectly appropriate. Besides, the design should be neat and simple to create a feeling of confidence and trust. It goes without saying that a messy design, other than making people feel stressed, would damage your reputation and trustworthiness. Furthermore, pay high attention to the wireframe, as it should be as straightforward as possible. Last element we would like to recommend is to have a dynamic design rather than a static design as the static design doesn’t feel like a professional commercial brokerage agency.

Which CMS should be used to build a website for a Commercial Broker?

For a regular commercial broker website, WordPress is recommended. There is no need to make the project complicated with a dedicated CMS.

However, if you want the website for a large commercial brokerage agency and need a private portal, a dedicated CMS is most probably needed.

How long does it take to build a Commercial Broker website?

Depending on the scale of your project, it would be different. On average, it takes around 3 weeks up to 2 months to create such a website. We suggest you read the “How long does it take to create a website in Dubai” article for more information.

How much does it cost to build a website for a Commercial Broker?

The cost of a commercial broker website depends on the required features. The more features you need on your website, the more money you should invest. As always, we recommend you to work with registered companies. There are freelancers and some offshore companies out there who offer very low prices which are really tempting. However, in most cases, you will end up with a low quality and useless website.

On average, the cost of such a website starts somewhere around AUD 3’000, and goes up to AUD 15’000, depending on the project.

We suggest checking the “web design pricing” page to understand the website prices.

Does Websima DMCC provide Commercial Broker website services?

Yes, we do! Websima  is ready to help, if you are willing to build a website for your Commercial Brokerage agency. You can contact us through our contact details for a free consultation.

Please share your experience with leaving a comment if you’ve created or had a Commercial Broker website.

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