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Nowadays, everything is moving forward much faster than before. As a matter of fact, all businesses of any type, should be presented online, so if you own a business, a company or even a small retail business, you need to make it online as soon as possible. To do so, you will obviously need a website first. In this series of articles, we will explain the details of websites required for some specific businesses. We, through this article, will explain the features and information you may need to build a marketplace website. 

Australia, as one of most popular destinations for workforce, skilled immigrants and tourists is one of the best places to do business.  There are an endless number of companies and retailers in Australia to provide different services to many people who come to Australia as tourists or the workforce. Local people, new comers and also workforce who are living and working in Australia, have different needs to be fulfilled. On the other hand, the taste of people has been changing over the past decade. Nowadays, more people would rather get their needs online and such a tendency is increasing, as accessing the internet is getting easier.

Therefore, in such a busy market with many people working and visiting, there is a huge opportunity for marketplace businesses to fulfil people’s needs. 

Features for a Marketplace Website

As the starting point, we will provide you with the features that are needed for marketplace websites.

  • Photo Shopping

One of the best features a marketplace website can have is photo shopping. Taking the right photos of products has always been a challenge for sellers. This feature resolves such challenges for sellers by providing the capability of taking write photos from their products, directly through the marketplace website.

  • Designated stores for sellers

Providing the sellers the capability of creating and owning their stores is another great feature that makes sellers put their high effort on the business. Through such stores, sellers will be able to expand their products and categorise them as their business grows. That will make the process easier for customers, as they already know where to navigate in order to find their desired product.

  • Safety and Security

Safety might not be a feature to be mentioned here, though as users provide their banking details when shopping through the marketplace websites, it is absolutely crucial for such websites’ security to be at the highest level.

  • Straightforward and advanced search tool

People are not tolerant enough to work with complicated search tools. The search option in your ecommerce website must be quite easy to work with. Besides, there must be relevant filters to be applied, when users want to search for something. 

  • Easy checkout process

By designing a convenient check out process, customers will be able to pay for their shopping without trying to solve puzzles! The process should be easy to understand, offer multiple payment options and be integrated with other website’s sections.


  • Shopping card and wish list

Shopping cards and wish lists are another crucial feature which is mandatory to be in place for a marketplace website. People will be able to add their desired products into their shopping card and pay for all at the checkout point. On top of that, by adding a wish list feature, users are able to add the product that they want to shop later. Wish list increases the chance of visitors to come back to complete their shopping.


You can always come up with new ideas for your marketplace website and we are always here to convert your ideas to reality. You just let us know what changes you need to make to your website and we will get back to you with a solution that suits you.


What kind of design should be used for a marketplace website?

The main and most important feature for marketplace websites is to design supplier profiles, so they are able to build credibility. Such a feature adds value to both sellers and buyers as credibility is quite important for both parties. Besides, the design should be innovative and unique as any similarity to other older websites, would damage your credibility and trustworthiness. Furthermore, the appearance of the website should motivate people to buy! Mobile responsiveness, user-friendliness and in general good UX design are other crucial elements when it comes to designing a website for the marketplace. You can find out more on UI/UX effect article.

Which CMS should be used to create a marketplace website?

Market participants have different thoughts on which CMS should be used when designing a website. Here in Websima, we use WordPress to design your website. We would like to assure you that WordPress would work absolutely well for a marketplace website. Therefore, we would highly recommend WordPress to be used as an appropriate CMS, when it comes to designing a marketplace website. However, you should bear in mind that if you want Amazon number 2, or a marketplace website similar to the world’s biggest marketplace websites, a dedicated CMS should be in place! You may read which CMS to use article to find out more

How long does it take to build a marketplace website?

The project duration can only be estimated when our team has a good understanding of the client’s needs. However, it will approximately take 10 to 12 weeks for a simple marketplace website. However, the more features you want, the longer time the project takes. You can check Web Design Duration and Web Design Procedure to find out more.

How much does it cost to create a marketplace website?

The cost of the project depends on the clients’ needs and number and type of features they desire to add into their website. It usually starts at AUD 8’000 for a simple marketplace website and goes up to somewhere between AUD 15’000 and AUD 100’000, depending on the number of features and their complexity. You can check web design pricing and SEO pricing to find out more.

Does Websima provide web design services for marketplace websites?

Yes we do! Thanks to our talented and experienced team members, Websima is capable of designing marketplace websites based on our clients’ needs and business type. You just need to contact us for web design and SEO services and book for a free consultation meeting, so we will have a deep understanding of your needs and will get back to you with our offer accordingly.

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