Importance of Multilingual Website for Your Business

The digital era we are living in has changed the rules for businesses all around the world. Thanks to the fast growth of high-speed internet coverage all around the globe, people are now more eager to fulfill their needs online. Today, if you are after a piece of information on a particular subject, or need a specific product or service, you are only a few clicks away from what you want, no matter where you are living.


Such globalization in business happened, due to the development of eCommerce website that facilitates cross-border businesses all around the world. To be more specific, think of a British person who is running an online health care products shop in Dubai. Users from all around the world are now able to purchase from his online shop, in case of a price advantage. However, the only problem here is that not all users understand English language, so they are not able to purchase from online shops that are operating in English language only. Therefore, there are many different thoughts out there about Websites that Must be Multilingual.

There are benefits associated with making your website multilingual that we will take you through shortly. However, you must be careful, as such a facility is not appropriate for some specific businesses, such as local businesses that are targeting a local market or limited geographical area.

Benefits of multilingual website for your business

  • SEO improvement

SEO is pretty much about ranking high on SERPs. The more users from all around the world click on your website and stay there, the higher rank your website will have on Google. Translating your website to the top 5 or 10 most spoken languages around the world will attract more users to your website, as like we always, contents in SEO is only part of the whole plan. Providing your services in another language is a special service to users all around the world that would have a great impact on your website SEO performance.

  • Trust and Credibility

By translating your website to other languages, a welcoming feeling will be created for users from non-English speaking countries. Such a respectful and welcoming feeling usually creates trust and credibility for multilingual websites. People tend to trust more on such websites as they enjoy the services in their own language and appreciate such a respectful service the website is providing, by becoming a loyal visitor.

  • Improved User Experience

The welcoming feeling that we talked about earlier in this article, will improve user experience. After quality service, users are after respect when it comes to online shopping. Users who are able to read through an article in their native language and take action with a full understanding of what they are spending money on, will have a very good experience working with such a website. As a conclusion, user experience will improve that leads to better SEO performance and higher rank on Google.

  • Increased Conversion Rate 

Improvement in your SEO performance and User Experience, will end you up to enjoy the UX Conversion Ranking in SEO. Going multilingual, makes users more confident to take an action on your website as they fully understand what they are doing and what they are paying for. It goes without saying that the more users take action on your website, the higher conversion rate you will have.


  • Competitive Advantage

In the world of tight competition in almost all businesses around the world, going multilingual creates a competitive advantage over your competitors. Obviously, if you are the only website in your market segment that provides services in another language, you will have more visitors and customers in comparison with your competitors. Even though your competitors will respond promptly by adding other languages to their websites, you, as the first multilingual website in your niche, will have the upper hand.

  • Wider Audience

A multi-language website reaches a wider audience, as users are eager to get information and take action to fulfill their needs in their own language. People from other parts of the world such as Russia, France, China, African countries and other non-English speaking countries have the same needs as people from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. By considering the fact that the majority of people are not familiar with the English language, going multilingual would widen the network of your business website’s visitors and customers.



As a conclusion, if you think of selling your products and services internationally, going multilingual would add great value to your business. However, you must be very cautious, when it comes to selecting the right digital marketing service provider to translate your website. There are some Trusted SEO Agencies in Dubai that you can choose to work with, if you are willing to translate your website, in order to take advantage of all the benefits in the Dubai market as a multinational and competitive market.

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