Conversion Ranking Cycle in SEO

The final target of almost all businesses round the globe is to maximise their income. No matter whether it’s an ecommerce that is fully focused on internet users or a small convenience store with local customers in a limited neighbourhood. In this article, we have nothing to do with a small convenience store and what it takes for increasing its revenue, but we will talk about ecommerce and other similar businesses who rely either fully or mostly on online users and how UX improvement increases the conversion rate and consequently being ranked higher by Google. 

User Experience (UX) is the key

 At the end of the day, you as a business owner must convince people to buy through your website. Therefore, the more users feel happy with your website’s services, the more income will be generated for your business. This is called user experience. It has the biggest impact on your online business organic growth.

Users are not patient enough these days to work with slow functioning websites with low quality content and complicated call-to-action processes. When they come across such websites, even though their needed products are being offered, they would leave instantly and look for another website in the search engine results.

In contrast, fast loading websites with quality contents and transparent and straightforward processes to work with, are quite popular among internet users these days. Such websites are capable of convincing more visitors to do their shopping or to accomplish any other desired action. You can also read UI/UX effect on conversion to find out more.

Conversion Rate

As you are most likely aware of, conversion rate is the portion of total visitors who make a purchase through a website. It is calculated by simply dividing the number of customers who purchase something or visitors who accomplish a certain action by the total number of visitors. It is not needed to say the more the conversion rate is, the more income will be generated. The only way to increase the conversion rate is to provide the best service possible for your website’s visitors. In other words, the better experience users have, when navigation through your website, the higher conversion rate is expected for your website and like mentioned earlier in this article, the more conversion rate leads to more income to be generated for your business!

How Google responds?

One of the main elements that Google considers to put a website in the right position on its search result, is the conversion rate. Google algorithms are able to identify websites that their conversion rate increases organically. Such a growth in a website’s conversion rate will be responded to by Google by escalating the website’s rank in Google search result page as Google is always looking for websites who respond well to users’ requests and needs. To do so, Google uses the conversion rate as one of the most important measuring elements. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that the bigger the conversion rate is, the higher rank on Google will be achieved.

Cycle of Success

To sum it up, we can come to the conclusion that by improving your website’s UX or user experience, you will have a bigger conversion rate and consequently, Google will rank you higher! You will get more users when your website is ranking higher on Google and when your website ranks higher on Google, your conversion rate will be expected to grow even more. This is something that we call the cycle of success! The bigger conversion rate, the better rank on Google and the better Google rank, the bigger conversion rate! How sweet is that?!

Final Words

“Customer Satisfaction” has been the most important factor for all businesses of any kind. In particular, in today’s businesses’ competitive atmosphere, customer satisfaction is even more important than before. Making customers happy by providing a great shopping experience is the key for your business to grow. Therefore, the user experience or UX is the most important factor when it comes to online business, as like it was outlined above, the better UX, causes better conversion rate and the better conversion rate causes higher rank on Google and higher rank on Google increases the conversion rate more! Therefore, as an online business owner, you must focus on improving user experience in terms of website appearance, user friendliness, mobile responsiveness, easy registration, multiple payment methods and many more factors. You must also bear in mind that UX improvement is an ongoing process which starts at the very beginning day of your website design. In other words, UX should be considered when a website is designed. That’s why you must make sure that an experienced UX designer is on board, so you can rest assured that the UX design is considered appropriately.  

Finally, we would highly recommend working with a reputable web design and digital marketing company who has a proven track record of success and a team of talented and experienced website designers, as the more you invest on your website now, the more growth you will experience in the future.

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