Choosing the right keyword is one of the most important parts of your journey to enhance a website’s SEO performance. Internet users utilize meaningful keywords, when they are in need of a product or service. If you have chosen the right keyword which is similar or very close to the keywords that users search, your website will be shown to the users, as Google algorithm is designed and being updated regularly to show the best answer to users.

Keyword selection plays a crucial role on how your SEO website performs

There are multiple methods to search and find the right keywords. You may simply google the name of your products or services and see what keywords your competitors are utilizing, as well as Google’s suggestions based on what users are searching. You may also work with a professional SEO consultant in Australia, to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, or alternatively use online tools that are designed to help you with choosing the keywords that suit your business best.

The most reputable online Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the integral parts of professional SEO services in Australia and also any other part of the world. There are quite a few online tools that provide such service to help you find the best keywords for your business. Let’s go through the most reputable ones for your further information. 

         1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research tool from the biggest and the most dominant search engine in the world. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding proper keywords, however it doesn’t offer much functionality in comparison with other big names. But a unique advantage that Google Keyword Planner has, is the fact that the data comes straight from Google search engine. It is free to use for anyone with a Google Ads account to follow a very easy procedure to work with it.  

         2. Semrush

Semrush is one of the most popular keyword research tools in the market. It provides a variety of services, when it comes to keyword research. Semrush offers a wide range of services including keyword search volume, difficulty, competitiveness as well as make you capable of monitoring your website to see how it is ranking on a daily basis. Furthermore, Semrush provides you to identify which keywords are bringing traffic to your website by combining data from Google Analytics, Search Console and its own data. 

         3. Moz

Moz keyword Explorer is another big player in the world of keyword research tools. Moz is a very powerful tool that suggests precise and robust keywords. On top of that, Moz, through its powerful analytical tool, is capable of providing predictive metrics, detailed information on SERPs and long tail keyword suggestions that bring organic traffic to your site. One of the best features Moz offers is Organic CTR. The feature outlines the number of clicks you can expect, if you rank on the first page of the SERP (Top 10) on your targeted keyword. For further information on CTR meaning you may follow the link.      


Another great tool that is popular for the capability of providing an endless number of keyword suggestions. Once you enter a single keyword, returns back to you by hundreds of relevant keywords which is a great feature. On top of that, it offers a comprehensive filtering tool, so you are able to filter out the keyword suggestions based on your needs and requirements. At last, the shining service which is rarely provided by other tools is making you capable of analysing your competitors by giving you the keywords they are utilizing.     

         5. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs is best known for its capability of backlink analysis. The tool is capable of telling you exactly how many backlinks you need to rank on the first page of Google. However, it is still a great keyword research tool by providing outstanding information and analysis on each keyword. In addition to search volume and ranking difficulty, Ahrefs makes you capable of identifying keywords that your competitors are ranking for, while you are not!

         6. Soovle

Soovle is another tool that is quite useful for looking for a keyword across the internet as a whole lot! Soovle brings suggested keywords from multiple sources such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon and more. It also indicates the source of the suggested keywords, so you will be able to optimize your content accordingly.  

         7. Jaaxy

Jaaxy, like most other tools, provides you with a huge list of keywords with comprehensive informative data such as competitors, potential traffic, search volume and performance. On top of that, it provides you with the information about how your website is ranking under specific keywords. The most useful feature though, is the capability of telling you how many websites are trying to rank on a specific keyword. It goes without saying that the less websites focusing on a specific keyword, the better chance for you to rank high on that keyword.  


         8. QuestionDB

The way QuestionDB works is a little bit different. Once you enter a broad keyword, the tool comes back to you with a long list of questions which are relevant to the keyword. The questions which are coming from threads on Reddit give you fantastic ideas for your content creation to answer the public. You can sort the questions by popularity and focus on the hot questions to create content about.  

         9. Google Trends

Google trends as another powerful tool designed by Google. It is a free tool that provides you with useful data about a phrase or query that you are researching for. Google trends break down the data in a wide range of ways such as interest by geographical location, interest over time and a lot more. 

        10. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides valuable information including how keywords are performing

Google search console is not technically a keyword research tool. However, GSC provides users with valuable information through its performance report. Your website performance report is capable of telling you where the traffic is coming from, which queries are bringing traffic to your website and which pages are performing best on Google. You may utilize such data and information to optimize your content and find new keywords opportunities.


Design a SEO friendly website is the easiest part of your journey to build a lucrative website. You must have a comprehensive SEO plan that covers a wide range of tasks and activities as simple as Google my business local SEO in Australia, all the way through more complicated tasks like researching keywords, content creation and measuring your past performance. It’s always a good idea to work with a professional SEO service provider to rest assured that you are walking in the right direction.

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