CTR which stands for Click-Through-Rate is basically a metric that is calculated by dividing the number of clicks your website has received on a special keyword by the total time that your website is shown on a SERP. CTR is a measuring factor that shows how well your keywords and your marketing campaign are performing.

CTR is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions.

Why is CTR important? 

CTR, as a measuring factor, can provide valuable information about your website, meta description, strategic keywords and generally how well your marketing campaign is working for you. However, there are debates between professionals about the impact of CTR on how Google ranks a website. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that higher CTR would improve a website’s rank on Google. However, it goes without saying that a higher CTR, if achieved organically and by utilizing White Hat SEO, would increase organic traffic for your website which is considered as a proven factor for improving your website rank on Google. Hence, if you are trying to find the best SEO services in Australia for your website, CTR can be a factor to be considered to assess different SEO agencies past performance on the keywords which are relevant to your industry. 

How to increase CTR?

There are basically two main methods when it comes to increasing CTR. Black Hat SEO which refers to using shortcuts to increase CTR by utilizing methods that are prohibited by Google. Black Hat SEO techniques are not recommended at all, as at the end of the day, you will be spotted and penalized by Google. The second method which is called  White Hat SEO refers to utilizing SEO gold standards and Google guidelines for the sake of better CTR. There are quite a few techniques in order to increase CTR and in compliance with Google guidelines. If you need more information about how to increase your website’s CTR organically, you may read the How to Increase My Website’s CTR article.

What is a good CTR? 

Like mentioned earlier in this article, even though there is no evidence that Google algorithm considers CTR as a ranking factor, market participants are now confident that an organically high CTR improves SEO and consequently your rank on Google. Hence, you as the website owner must be monitoring your CTR, as well as other important measuring factors to ensure your SEO is performing well. There is no magic number to be considered as a good CTR, as it depends on the industry you are operating in. On average anything above 3% is considered to be a good CTR, so 3 out 100 would be a good benchmark for SEO analysis purposes. The other benefit associated with CTR , if you are looking for SEO services, is that it makes you capable of assessing SEO agencies’ performance on keywords that are relevant to your niche. Hence, it prevents you from wasting your money by working with an unprofessional SEO agency, as the SEO price in Australia is relatively high.

Does web design affect CTR?

Website design can indirectly affect CTR

If you are looking for services like website design in Australia, you must be very careful, as your website design is important for your website’s CTR. Even though the design of your website doesn’t have a direct impact on your website’s CTR, there is still some kind of interaction between CTR and your website design. Let’s assume that you are looking to start your ecommerce website design in Australia to kick-off your online store. If you apply multiple methods to increase your website’s CTR, what would happen if the users enter into your website and don’t like the design? Obviously, they will instantly leave your website and never come back. As a result, your bounce rate will start to go up and your website rank will be downgraded by Google. As your rank starts to go down, your website will be less visible to users, so your CTR starts to fall down.

In conclusion, even though web design Australia price is a bit higher than some other parts of the world, it is with your while to work with a professional web design company and consider the money you spend as an investment that will be rewarded with a lucrative online business.

How to monitor my website’s CTR?

Google Search Console is a great free tool that provides a wide range of precise tools for you to assess your SEO plan progress and understand how well your website is performing. You can get accurate data about your website’s CTR through Google Search Console as well as many other valuable measuring factors. To do so, you must register your website on Google first and start from there. Once done, you will be able to have access to your CTR on your strategic keywords as going forward.


Like discussed earlier in this article, there are many measuring metrics that can be applied in order to understand how your SEO plan is progressing and how your website is performing on major search engines like Google. CTR or Click-Through-Rate is one out of many that provides you with valuable data about your strategic keywords and marketing campaigns. It’s always a good idea to monitor your CTR as well as other important measuring metrics to rest assured that your website is moving on the right track.

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