A backlink is like a vote of confidence a website(B) receives from another website(A), when website B creates a link to a web page of website A for further information on a particular subject. Backlinks or inbound links, basically refers to a link on a web page of a website that points out to a web page of another website. If you are in the process of improving your website SEO in Australia, this article would be quite beneficial and helpful.

Backlink is considered as a website's credibility confirmation.

What are the benefits of quality backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks are very beneficial for SEO from different aspects. However, let’s emphasize that not all backlinks are good for SEO, as it must be coming from authoritative sources. Considering the fact that SEO cost in Australia is relatively high, the quality of your backlinks becomes more important as poor quality backlinks would damage your SEO and waste your money. We will go through it later in this article, but now let’s dive deep and see what are the quality backlinks benefits for SEO.

  1. Credibility and Trustworthiness

It goes without saying that the more referrals are made through backlinks to your website from authoritative websites, the more credible and trustworthy your website would look to internet users.

     2. Better visibility on search engines

Backlinks from websites that have already performed well on search engines is an important factor that is considered by Google crawlers for positioning your website. Hence, more quality backlinks would lead to a better rank and frequent display on Google’s result page. 

     3. Quality audiences

Users who click on the link that is pointing to your website are usually considered to be quality audiences, as they seem to be interested to learn more. However, it’s very important for your website to be attractive enough, in order to keep the incoming users stay on your website. Hence, for your website development in Australia, make sure to work with a professional firm for the sake of creating the best user experience possible.

     4. Domain Authority improvement

Even though DA or Domain Authority as a SEO metrics is not considered by Google crawlers for ranking a website, it takes many SEO affecting factors into account to score a website’s DA. Therefore, the higher DA a website scores, the more possibility for ranking high on Google will be on the horizon. The number of quality backlinks is one of the factors that Moz, as the DA metric creator, takes into account to calculate a website’s DA score which ranges between 0 up to 100.

      5. More Brand awareness

Brand awareness plays an important role in competing against your other competitors. For instance, if you are after an ecommerce website design service to operate in a specific niche, you must have a strong plan to beat your competitors and get more users to become aware of your brand. When your brand is showing up multiple times in different authoritative websites, users tend to trust the quality of your services and your brand more.

How to get quality backlinks?

  1. Create backlink magnet content

The first and best organic way to receive backlinks, is to create high quality content that motivates multiple websites to build links to. Even though it is not an easy task to do, it is always worth it to try your best.

     2. Arrange for guest blogging

Another way to get organic backlinks is to publish quality content in the blogs who are active in a similar niche. Bloggers usually welcome guest blogging, as it would add some value to their websites at no cost. You can build links to your web pages on other websites by doing guest blogging.

     3. Exchange backlinks with relevant business type entities

To organically get backlinks, you can negotiate with other businesses who are active in a similar niche, though not your competitors, to exchange backlinks. For instance, if you own a corporate website that provides legal services to expats and new immigrants, you can cooperate with immigration or work visa service providers to exchange backlinks. 

     4. Create visual content

Visualizing a content is quite beneficial, as the majority of users prefer visual contents rather than reading through long texts. It goes without saying that it is easier to digest for more users. By creating visual contents, it is more likely for your contents to be shared and mentioned in different social media platforms.


There are many other techniques and tactics to get quality backlinks that can be utilized based on the nature of the online business. However, you must pay high attention that buying backlinks doesn’t sit under the white hat techniques and methods, as it’s not allowed by Google. There are many other reasons why buying backlinks is not a good idea, so you must avoid purchasing backlinks even from authoritative websites.

Backlinks that must be avoided and removed

Toxic or spammy backlinks can degrade website's position on major search engines, so must be removed.

As mentioned earlier in this article, toxic or spammy backlinks would have an adverse consequence for your website SEO. Here are the backlinks that must be avoided and removed to protect your website SEO performance. 

Toxic backlinks are generally the links that come from untrusted or spammy websites. Such backlinks are usually created to discredit a website on Google and harm SEO and unfortunately they are able to make significant damages to your website SEO. It’s always a good idea to check the backlinks you have received from time to time and remove them, if you find any of those  toxic backlinks. Google Search Console as well as other service providers such as Semrush provide a strong tool for a website owner to check backlinks and remove the spammy ones.


Quality backlinks are able to improve SEO significantly from different aspects. That’s why, getting backlinks from authoritative websites must be an integral part of a professional SEO plan. On the other hand, toxic backlinks have the potentiality to harm your SEO as the main purpose of such backlinks is to damage a website’s credibility and trustworthiness. Hence, checking your backlinks on a reasonable timeframe is crucial for the sake of identifying and removing spammy backlinks. To stand out of the crowd and be one level higher than your competitors, you must be working with a professional digital marketing service provider for a proper online marketing plan including a plan to get backlinks from reputable websites.

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