What is a backlink?

Backlink refers to the inbound links from a website to another website or webpage. It is like the situation  in which a general practitioner refers a patient to another doctor for further information and diagnosis for a proper treatment on a specific illness. Hence, other websites may refer their visitors to another website for precise and detailed information on a subject they are talking about.  

Why are backlinks important?

Quality backlinks received organically improve SEO

All websites who refer their visitors to another website for further information on a specific subject, pay high attention to the credibility and authoritativeness of that website. Otherwise, their own credit would be at risk, if they direct their visitors to a poor or spammy website. That’s why search engines consider a backlink as a vote, confirming the credibility of a website. Therefore, the more backlinks a website receives, the better rank would be expected from search engines.

How to get more backlinks? 

There are technically two approaches, when it comes to  getting backlinks for a website. Let’s dive straight in.

  1. Organic Backlinks

The first one, organic backlinks which sits under White Hat SEO techniques, is to create quality content, improve website’s traffic, receive good feedback from customers and work with authoritative websites, for the sake of receiving quality backlinks. Even though it takes a considerable amount of time, there are many benefits such as long-lasting effects, associated with this approach.

     2. Inorganic Backlinks

The second approach which is categorized under Black Hat, or in some cases Grey Hat SEO techniques, is to use shortcuts to receive backlinks in a short period of time. One of the widely used methods is to buy backlinks from other websites.

Is buying backlinks for SEO enhancement a good idea?

Buying quality backlinks would positively affect your website traffic in the short term. Like mentioned earlier in this article, the more quality backlinks your website receives from authoritative websites, the higher rank would be expected for your website on Google. However, an inorganic approach, even if you buy expensive links from a reputable website, would damage your website rank on Google, as it is against Google Webmaster Guidelines.


How Google differentiates between organic and inorganic backlinks? 

Google algorithm in general likes organic growth. Buying backlinks even from authoritative websites is against Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google Algorithms are sophisticated, complicated and very smart. It looks at a variety of elements to ensure the quality of your backlinks. Analysing the receiving website’s past performance, the relevance of websites that create links to each other, spotting the selling links website are just a few out of many techniques that Google utilizes to differentiate organic and inorganic backlinks.

Buying expensive backlinks versus cheap backlinks; any difference?    

Over time, backlinks sellers become smarter by applying advanced techniques to manipulate Google algorithms. For instance, PBN (Private Blog Network)  backlinks, which are basically multiple connected sites and blogs who create hyperlinks for selling purposes. Simultaneously, Google’s algorithm becomes smarter and moves one step further. Therefore, we would like to assure you that these Black Hat SEO techniques will be spotted by Google sooner or later.

Hence, regardless of how much you pay for buying backlinks, buy credible edu backlinks ( backlinks from educational websites) or apply advanced techniques to manipulate Google algorithm, your website will be spotted at the end of the day and will be penalized for acting against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Buying backlinks isn’t a good idea; what to do then?

Sticking to the White Hat SEO techniques and Google Webmaster guidelines is the best approach for your website to experience organic growth. Likewise, in order to receive inbound links from authoritative websites, you must be moving on the track that is outlined by Google guidelines and SEO best practices. It doesn’t matter if you want to get a simple website design service in Australia for your small business, or looking for ecommerce website design services in Australia to start a big ecommerce store, your initial steps are absolutely important.

Buying Backlinks for SEO is not a good idea

The most important factors to get quality backlinks organically

There are quite a few approaches, techniques and tactics to receive quality backlinks from authoritative websites organically. However there are two main important rules that you must comply with, for the sake of experiencing rapid organic growth and consequently getting quality backlinks. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Professional website

Website development cost in Australia is relatively high, if it comes from a reputable company with a proven track record of success. However, we would like to assure you that it is worth it. It is highly recommended to work with a reputable web design and digital marketing service provider to make the best out of your time and money and create a website that shines.

     2. Quality SEO plan

It goes without saying that SEO plays the most important role in today’s digital world. You must bear in mind that your SEO plan must be in hand at the very first day of your website design stage, as SEO starts when your website is started to be designed. There are quite a few professional SEO agencies, who provide quality SEO services in Australia that you can choose to work with.


Final  Words 

Quality backlinks coming from authoritative websites play a vital role on your website SEO performance. However, the most important thing you must pay attention to, is to receive your backlinks organically. Even though it takes time, it is worth your while to be patient and move on the right track. Therefore, going through shortcuts like buying backlinks is not recommended, as it will damage your website reputation sooner or later.

Websima, as one of the leading web design and digital marketing service providers in Australia is always happy to help. If you are a business owner intending to improve your website rank, do not hesitate to contact us to book for a free consultation meeting.

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