Business owners must pay high attention to taking their business online, regardless of the fact that the actual business is carried out online or offline. Internet users increasingly intend to look for their needs online and to do so, they jump on the major search engines like Google, where they are only a few clicks away from what they are after.

As such, ranking high on SERPs, or even better,  ranking above the fold on the first page of Google, would make a big difference to a business conversion rate.

Search engines evolve over time. They are now putting the highest emphasis on their users’ satisfaction. As such, in today’s digital world, how easy users interact with websites and how they feel about a website matter more than before.

Users' satisfaction is the most important factor, when it comes to search engine ranking process

Why is User Interface design important? 

The most important factor for all websites all over the world is to improve their visitors’ satisfaction and user interface is there to fulfil this important task. Web design Australia best practices is quite similar to the web design best practices across the globe and the main intention is to improve how users feel, when visiting a website. User Interface refers to a proper design and shaping the appearance of the website to match with the website type and nature and more importantly make users’ interaction as easy and straightforward as possible. A professional and UpToDate interface design would positively affect SEO from different aspects that we will go through shortly.

Put UI and UX design on top priority

Whether you are after the cost of a website for a small business specifically, or in general you are curious about website design Australia price, you must consider a few factors beforehand. Even if professional web design services sound expensive to you, they are offering great advantages that are crucial for your business to be lucrative. From a design point of view, a reputable web design company would perfectly provide great UI and UX design for your website that would make your website thriving. A professional UI design improves your website’s rank from different aspects. Let’s now dive deeper.

How User Interface (UI) design impacts a website rank on major search engines?

Generally speaking, user interface or UI design’s main goal is to make a website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. It goes without saying that the more a website looks user-friendly and users feel comfortable to look for what they need, the better rank it gets from major search engines due to the below improvements.

The first goal of UI design is to make a website more user-friendly and easy to surf
  • A good UI design provide longer session duration

As users find out that they can work with a website conveniently, it is more likely for users to stay longer on the website until their need is fulfilled. That means a longer session duration which is an important element when it comes to ranking on SERPs.

  • Professional UI design lowers the bounce rate

The other advantage of an attractive and easy to understand UI design is that users will not close the webpage to look for their needs somewhere else. Lower bounce rate is directly correlated with longer session duration, so the longer session duration is, the lower the bounce rate will be. Google and other major search engines consider bounce rate as an important factor to rank a website on their result pages.

  • A proper UI design increases the CTR or Click-Through-Rate

UI design improves CTR by improving a website rank on SERPs. The higher rank a website gets, the more clicks are on the horizon for the website, as users are normally reluctant to go to the second or third page of a SERP. On the other hand, as the number of clicks increases and accompanied by lower bounce rate and longer session duration, the website’s rank improves even more.


UI and UX design move hand in hand. A good UI design helps for a better user experience, as the UI design aims to make user interaction as easy and understandable as possible. UI design improves user experience and consequently more loyal customers will be on the pipeline. UI and UX design play a key role for an online business to be lucrative.

In conclusion, it is very important to work with a professional web design company with a proven track record of success to rest assured that your website design meets all mandatory requirements in terms of UI and also UX design.

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