Australia has been a perfect place for all types of businesses, small or large, over the past few decades. In particular, during the past two decades, the Australian government has executed mega projects to develop the country’s infrastructure, in terms of new roads and districts, IT and financial services, safety and security and tourism industry. Australia is also a popular destination for immigrants from all around the world, as well as business entities from multinational companies, specifically mining giants, all the way through small businesses. Here in this article, we would like to take you through the costs associated with taking your small business online, or starting a brand new online business. As such, if you are looking for a reputable website design company in Australia, this article would help you a lot, for the sake of having a clue about the website design price in Australia

Australia is a perfect place for doing business 

Factors that must be considered to estimate the cost of web design for a small business

  • The number of required pages affect the price directly

The number of website pages directly affects the price. If you are a little company or a small restaurant down the road, a maximum 10 to 15  pages website would be more than enough. But if you are after ecommerce website design, where the number of pages increases, as the number of product types expands, the cost would obviously go up.

  • The required features impacts the cost of designing a website

Like the number of webpages, the number of features designed for your website affects the cost. The more features are designed and implemented on a website, the more cost you must pay for. As such, you must be careful to have a precise understanding of your business to put in the required features only. As an example for your better understanding, the features that are needed for a corporate website are definitely less than an ecommerce website, so is the cost!

  • The number of visitors per day is the other cost driver for designing a website

The number of visitors that are likely to visit a website doesn’t impact the cost of web design directly. However, the coding and the appropriate server is different when it comes to a busy website in comparison with a quiet website. As such, the expected number of visitors would indirectly impact the cost of web design, as the coding structure and type of required server is more expensive for busier websites. It is highly recommended to consult with a  professional SEO agency in Australia to have a precise estimate of the expected number of visitors for your website, so you can choose the right server and coding structure accordingly. 

Who to work with for designing a professional website?

Paying higher price for working with registered companies will be compensated by quality services

You might have come across unbelievably low prices for web design that are coming from freelancers and offshore companies. The web design costs that are quoted by registered and reputable companies are far higher, but have you ever thought about the reasons? Let’s dive deeper!

 If you work with an offshore company with no supporting office in Australia, what would you do in case of technical issues that are unavoidable in the digital world? That is a very important point to consider, when deciding on whom to work with to design your website. On top of that, once your website is up and running, to whom you will make contact if no traffic is coming towards your website, as it is not designed SEO friendly? There are many other good reasons to work with a reputable and registered company with a proven track record of success, so you will rest assured that in case of any issue, they are right there to assist. 

At last, how much will the price of designing a website for a small business be?

The cost of designing a website depends on many factors as discussed in detail, earlier in this article. However, as a guesstimate, you must be ready to pay at least AUD 3’000 for a simple corporate or a small restaurant website with a few pages. If you are intending to start your online store, the cost can be as little as AUD 7’000 and goes up to AUD 50′ 000 or more, depending on your project specs.

Websima, as a leading digital service provider across Australia and the international market is always here to help. If you are thinking of developing a website for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and book for your free consultation meeting with our talented team. You will have the opportunity to discuss your project in detail and we are committed to get back to you with a solution that suits your needs best.

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