Building a website for all types of businesses is necessary these days. It goes without saying that the main purpose of building a standard website and constant improvement is to convert more and nothing else. One of the best ways for improving the conversion rate is to build a landing page that is designed to focus on a single desired action.

Landing page is a standalone web page which is designed for a single purpose only. 

Website design in Australia in general and landing page design in particular is one of the most important steps that you must be taking across the way to build and grow your online business. Hence, stay with us until the end, in order to equip yourself with valuable skills that will be quite useful for you.

What is a landing page?

A landing page refers to a standalone page that is designed for a single purpose. In most cases, it is built for an advertising campaign. A landing page is specifically designed for a single purpose which might be buying a product, subscription, signing up for an event and a lot more. A landing page will be designed to remove all elements that can distract the user’s attention from the desired action. This might be the main difference between a landing page and a homepage. Whether you use WordPress to build your website or build a website from scratch, the homepage of your website, as the showcase of your business, might have a wide range of elements and hyperlinks that are irrelevant to the action that the user must be taking. As such, a landing page helps a lot by eliminating all distractions and focusing on the desired action only. 

How to build a landing page in WordPress?

A landing page can be easily designed by two methods in WordPress

Most  web designers know how to create a website with WordPress, as it is the most popular CMS across the world. However, designing a landing page for an existing WordPress website needs further knowledge that we will go through right now. There are basically two main methods to build a landing page in WordPress as detailed below:

1- Create a landing page using a WordPress plugin

One of the most effective and easiest ways to build a landing page is using WordPress plugins. There are many plugins like Divi, Beaver builder and SeedProd that make landing page design easy for users and even beginners. Using this method can save some money for you, as the website design cost in Australia is relatively high.

As the first step, you must install the plugin and activate it. In most plugins, a few options will be provided as a landing page that you must select one out of them, so the second step will be selecting and adding your desired landing page. Next, you need to select a design template for your chosen landing page. Those plugins offer a wide range of templates that suit most campaigns, so it is easy for you to select one for your website. At last, you must go through editing and writing text and adding images, videos and contact forms where applicable to your landing page and publish it to the world.

2- Create a landing page using a WordPress theme

The other way to build a landing page in WordPress is to use a WordPress theme. This option makes you capable of customizing the design and layout of your landing page. 

As the first step, you must select an appropriate theme such as Astra, Neve or Portum material and add it from your WordPress dashboard. (Appearance, Themes, Add New). Once done and activated, you must add a new page and choose a title for the blank page you just added. At this stage, you need to set your page as a static page to ensure that visitors will be landing on your page, once they click through your website.

Lastly, use WordPress Gutenberg editor to add images, text, social media links and colours.

Now, it’s time to publish your landing page to the whole world.


Landing page plays a crucial role in improving the conversion rate. A landing page is designed to focus on a single Call-To-Action, so if built correctly, it would increase the conversion rate significantly. Even though it doesn’t sound so difficult to design a landing page for your website, adding market experience to the design would be a game changing factor. As such, if you don’t have enough design experience, it is recommended to work with a professional web design service provider in Australia, to make the most out of it.

If you are in need, do not hesitate to contact us and book for a free consultation meeting with our talented team. Discuss your plan with us in detail and we will come back to you with a solution that suits best. 

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