Do you want to improve your website’s rank on Google and other major search engines? It goes without saying that ranking high on Google is the most important goal for all online business owners. We presume that you have a good understanding of SEO, as you are reading this article. Hence, we would dive deep into the subject that we are going to discuss further; Domain Authority.


What is Domain Authority?

DA is an indicator which has been created by one of the most reputable SEO tools providers, MOZ to measure the strength of a website in terms of ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). DA score range is between 1 as the weakest score up to 100 as the strongest score. For your better understanding, Facebook’s DA score is 96, which is one of the strongest DA all around the web.

How does DA work?

As per MOZ explanation, “Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and total number of links, into a single DA score.”

In other words, the more links your website receives from other reputable websites, the higher DA your website will score. You must bear in mind that a high DA score will only be achieved by receiving good links. We will explain the good links and bad links later in this article.

Why is DA crucial?

DA is not a SEO affecting factor. To be more specific, Google wouldn’t consider your website’s DA score to rank it on its result page. However, Google considers the factors that are effective on DA score. In general, the philosophy of developing a Domain Authority indicator is to measure how a website performs in terms of some very important elements that Google considers to rank a website.

Hence, your website’s DA score plays a crucial role on your rank on Google, as it measures some important elements that Google takes into account, when ranking your website.


How to improve a website’s Domain Authority?

As explained earlier in this article, links are the most important element in DA score. Therefore, your effort must be focused on receiving more links from reputable websites. There are a few ways to help your website to be authoritative.

Quality content is one of the main building blocks of a successful digital marketing plan. It not only improves SEO in general, but also enhances DA score. In fact, the more quality, informative, reliable and relevant content is generated, the more chances for your website to receive links from reputable websites.


  • Audit your website, keep good links and remove bad links

Good links refers to the links your website receives from reputable and authoritative websites. In contrast, bad links are defined as the links that spammy websites have made to your website. Bad links, would not only impact your DA negatively, but can lead to being penalized by Google. Hence, you must audit your website from time to time and remove such toxic links.


  • Generate quality internal links

Another way to improve your Domain Authority is to have internal links within your content. Links that take users from one page to another page, would increase the time that users spend on your website and decrease the bounce rate. Besides, Google bots would be able to crawl through your entire website easier by following the links. This would have a positive impact on the indexing speed of your website.

  • Get Backlinks from authoritative websites

Like mentioned earlier, backlinks from reputable websites is the most important factor to improve domain authority. You may cooperate with the leaders of your industry and well-known bloggers to receive links to your webpages. Even though it is not easy to convince them to do so, it is definitely worth it to try your best.

How to check your domain authority?

There are a few very good tools for you to measure yours and your competitors’ domain authority. Moz, as the main developer of DA, provides you with such a service. Besides, SEMrush, as one of the most popular SEO tools creators, makes you capable of measuring any website’s domain authority. If you choose to utilize Moz, you must go to Moz link explorer to measure a website’s domain authority. Alternatively, you can use Backlinks Analytics in SEMrush to check how authoritative your website or your competitor’s website is.

Domain Authority must be considered as an important factor

To sum it up, DA is one of the most important factors that you, as a website owner, must consider to improve your website. We have discussed the main and most effective ways in order to improve your domain authority score. However, you must keep in mind that there are other factors such as great user experience and professional SEO plan that can improve DA score significantly.

Hence, if you choose to start your journey of building an online business and grow it over time, you must consider many factors to be taken care of, in order to survive in such a competitive market.

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