Meta description is a HTML tag in which you have the opportunity to put a summary of your whole web page content. That would make things easier for users and search engines to understand what the content is all about. Meta description helps to have users’ attention to your webpage, as it takes only a few seconds for users to make their decision and click on a webpage link. Therefore, a comprehensive, easy to understand and attractive meta description is a good way to increase a website’s CTR

What is Meta description used for?


How to write a good Meta Description?

There are some factors, depending on your website type, to be considered in order to write a good meta description. For instance, if you are planning to start an ecommerce business, you must put a list of relevant meta descriptions together, once you are at your ecommerce website design phase. Therefore, the first important element of a good meta description is its relevance to the type of your online business.

The other factors are described below:

      1. Use your keywords within the meta description

There are many moments that Google would bold a keyword which is widely searched by users on a particular subject. Using the write keywords in your meta description, will be eye-catching for users who are searching for that keyword. However, you must be vigilant to not overuse keywords, as it’s against Google’s guidelines and penalties may be applied.

      2. Respond to the main questions or challenges users have

Try to understand the user’s intention of searching for that subject and focus on providing a response or solution. In other words, when users view your meta description, they must be convinced that the solution or response is only one click away.

      3. Write it comprehensive and clear

Even though the meta description is supposed to be summarized, it must be comprehensive enough at the same time, so users will understand what they are going through by clicking on your web page link. The wordings also must be clear and easy to understand for the majority of users. This is a very important factor if you are looking to improve your website’s SEO in Australia, as there are many new immigrants in Australia that English is not their first language.

      4. Create it neither too short nor too long

Very short meta description may not be appropriate, as there is not enough room for you to summarize your content precisely. That would confuse both users and search engines. Likewise, too long meta description is usually out of the majority of users’ tolerance to read through the whole thing, so make them look for quicker options!

      5. Include CTA(Call-To-Action) where possible

By including a simple CTA in your meta description, you can increase the chance of attracting users’ attention to click on your link. There are good phrases such as “act now”, “ learn more”, “Get it right now” and a lot more that you can choose, to raise users’ interest to take action. 

What are the main Meta Description advantages?

      1. Improves indexability of your webpage

Like specified earlier, an optimum meta description helps Google crawlers to understand your content quicker, so the indexing process of your webpage will be done quicker and with more quality. You must be very careful with your meta description, as an inappropriate one would make Google bots confused and an adverse consequence is expected.

      2. Increases CTR 

An irresistible meta description makes users click on your webpage link which will obviously increase your CTR. Even though a high CTR  does not necessarily improve your website rank on Google, if accompanied with quality content, more traffic will be on the horizon which will lead to a better rank on Google.

      3. Enhances SEO

As mentioned above, a good meta description would accelerate the indexing process and increase CTR. Those two benefits would considerably enhance your website performance on SERPs. 

Meta description's impacts on SEO


If you are at the beginning stages of your business website development in Australia, as a temporary solution, you can apply free tricks such as writing quality meta descriptions for your web pages to slightly improve your website SEO, as the SEO price in Australia, if it comes from professional companies, is relatively high. However, don’t take us wrong, as you definitely must have a strong and professional SEO plan , once you have an adequate budget in hand.

Final words

An optimum meta description would add good value to your website by increasing CTR, accelerating indexing process and improving your SEO. Website design price in Australia is considered to be slightly high. However it’s nothing to be avoided, as you must have a well-designed and professional website for your online business. Even though Meta description helps your SEO performance to improve, it is never considered to be a replacement for a proper SEO plan as having a comprehensive SEO plan is absolutely needed. Hence, be aware of all costs that must be paid to start your business appropriately and then start to move forward.

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