Bootstrap is described as a huge collection of HTML, CSS and Javascripts reusable codes that through its frontend development framework, makes developers capable of building a mobile responsive website quickly. Having said that, it provides time efficiency for developers by saving them from writing too much coding. 

Bootstrap is an open source framework that offers a huge collection of reusable CSS, JS and HTML codes.


Bootstrap versus WordPress

Even though these two tools have some similarities that cause confusion to web development newcomers, they are entirely different platforms, when it comes to website design and development. To be more specific, WordPress is a content management system that you can build your website in, by using ready to use themes and templates and an endless number of plugins. Bootstrap is an open frontend framework with a huge number of ready to use coding, in order to save time for developers by making most required codes available to use. Let’s have a closer look at these two platforms from different important perspectives.

Bootstrap VS WordPress from a SEO perspective

Being SEO-friendly sits between the most important factors, if you are looking for professional SEO services in Australia. WordPress has been designed in a way that your content will be more understandable by search engines. You can add meta tags and descriptions for every single web page and image to make them fully understandable by crawlers. In contrast, these features are not provided in bootstrap, so it needs a good level of coding knowledge to make it SEO-friendly. Hence, if you are reviewing different SEO packages in Australia to select the one that suits you best, you must be aware that from an SEO perspective, WordPress performs better.

How Flexible is Bootstrap in comparison with WordPress

If you are looking for a professional web design company in Australia, the good news is that there are quite a few that you can choose to work with, however you must exactly know your needs beforehand, as every single company has its own policy to select the right platform for website development. Having said that, if you are after maximum control on your website design, bootstrap would work better than WordPress as it is considered to be more flexible. Even though WordPress offers a wide range of themes to use for building your website, the customization is limited to what a specific theme is providing. In contrast, you can build a totally new website from scratch in a bootstrap framework and even a new theme based on your imagination and customize it as much as you want.

How many plugins each platform offers?

It goes without saying that WordPress offers a wide range of plugins for customization purposes. Even though bootstrap comes with an acceptable range of plugins for developers to customize their websites, the number of plugins in WordPress is far more than bootstrap. As an example, if you are after a service like ecommerce web development in Australia to build a small to medium size ecommerce website, WordPress alongside the Woocommerce plugin would perfectly do the job for you. Therefore, if you are intending to customize your website through plugins, WordPress is a better option. Alternatively, to avoid using many plugins, due to some disadvantages associated with, bootstrap must be utilized.

Which platform is more mobile friendly? 

One of the most important Bootstrap's goals is to create mobile-responsive websites.

Being mobile friendly is quite important for websites in the digital era that we are living in. Bootstrap is a mobile-first platform where all websites that are built with bootstrap are supposed to be mobile-responsive and displaying identical on any device. In contrast, building a website in WordPress doesn’t necessarily come with a perfect mobile display, as it totally depends on how professional it is designed. As an example again, if you are looking for a corporate web design to provide services like car rental for which people use their mobile phones more often, bootstrap is preferred, as it is guaranteed to be displayed perfectly on any device regardless of the screen size.

How fast a website loads on either platform?

Website speed plays a crucial role in improving user experience. Internet users prefer fast loading websites and are not tolerant enough to wait more than three seconds for a website to be loaded completely. If you build your website in WordPress and utilize a large number of plugins, it would have an adverse consequence on your website speed. On the other hand, bootstrap websites contain large CSS files that must be downloaded on the user’s device that makes a website loads slower. In either case, you can use valuable tools such as CDN, to improve website loading speed, however you must be vigilant to select the right platform based on your needs to avoid slowing down your website speed.


To properly choose the right platform to build your website in, you need to seek consultation from a reputable web design consultancy, as it needs a high level of experience and knowledge. It all depends on the type of your website, why you are building it and what features you must add in. Based on this initial information, the best platform can be chosen by a professional web design consultant.

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