Trending Web Designs in 2022

Trends are important to be followed, particularly in digital marketing. Web design and digital marketing are strongly synced, so as the digital marketing techniques and tactics change over time, the web design concepts change to follow the same path. It is quite important for all market participants to identify the trend of web design concepts to follow and cope with the market changes. 

Here in this article, we will have a look at the web designs that have been increasing in popularity in 2022 and such trends will most likely be the same in 2023. As a rule of thumb, be aware of the fact that not all trending designs work well on every type of business and the design must be chosen based on the business nature. 

We are now going through a few trending web designs that are quite popular these days. 

  • Minimalistic 

Minimalism has been a trending design in 2022. The concept mostly emphasises on the important content by using bold and vivid colours with a lot of empty space in the webpage. The appearance is clear and the content looks more attractive and easier to understand. The beauty of minimalistic design is that the user’s attention rises instantly and the probability of navigation through the website increases.

  • Brutalism

Brutalism design refers to a design concept that seems to be a reaction to well-organised websites. The design follows minimalism and at the same time, tends to be asymmetrical. Brutalism design has no hierarchy and order, so the user will become curious about the website’s contents and products. The concept is mostly used for youth audiences and many popular brands are now using it to get the younger population’s attention on their products. 

  • Engaging

I was watching a movie when I was a little kid and the guy in the movie was amazed by the smell of his meal! I, as a little child, thought to myself how good it would be, if I could smell the meal right from the TV!

Engaging design is almost about the same thing! It is about physiological interaction and communication between the user and the content. The goal is to impact on human’s senses such as smell, touch, vision and hearing! The engaging design tries to make users feel a real sensation when they view a product on the webpage. Engaging design is mostly used for food products, massage and relaxation centres and all other businesses that aim to arouse users’ senses and emotions. 

  • 3D Design and Graphics

Three-dimensional graphics and design is now very popular among the internet users. Such a design grabs more attention from users and can be an instant eye-catcher, when a new user enters a website. More importantly, the 3D design of the website will remain in the user’s mind longer than a simple 2D design. Three dimensional design is more suitable for businesses such as construction and architectural companies, as it helps users to understand the quality of their work better.

  • Text only

Another trending design is text-only design in which all other elements such as animations, photos, etc. are eliminated. The concept uses summarised and straightforward texts to provide required and crucial information for the visitors. In such a design type, the font type and colour selection is quite important and needs a good level of experience.  The concept is somehow similar to the minimalistic concept and its simplicity seems to be popular these days.

  • Text Scrolling 

Another trend in 2022 is the design with dynamic texts rather than static. The concept is to make important texts move across the webpage, in order to add more emphasis on keywords and important contents. Such a design needs to be accomplished by a very talented and experienced designer, as failing to do it right would be quite annoying and disturbing for users. However, if done right, it would add a great value to your website.

There are many more design concepts that are currently being used to build a website and every single one can be acknowledged as a trending concept in its particular market or business type.

Like mentioned above, the design type must be chosen by an experienced designer, as not every design type works well for all types of businesses. In other words, a trending and popular design type is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a website to shine!

As a conclusion, it is always a good idea to see what type of design is trending, when you are planning to build your website, however the design should be chosen carefully to make sure it matches with the business type. Hence, you must be working with a professional and reputable web design company with a proven track record of delivering high quality projects, when you want to build your own website, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed at the best quality possible. You can check our web design pricing to find out more.

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