SEO is The Most Important Part of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the practices to be used, in order to introduce products and services to online users. The term, digital marketing, was used back in 1990’s for the first time, when Web1 came into existence. As the Web1 platform made users capable of finding information throughout the internet, business owners found it a valuable tool to use, in order to advertise their products to a wider range of people and customers. Same as traditional tools of marketing such as TV ads, newspapers Ads and billboards, finding customers and quality audiences on the internet, needed appropriate and relevant standards and tools. That was where the term, “digital marketing” was born.

Digital Marketing Tools

There are a number of powerful tools out there that are being used for marketing on the internet. Market participants and digital marketing agencies, based on their experience and the type of product they have on promotion, use one or multiple tools for digital marketing purposes. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Email Marketing, Graphic Creation, etc. are just a few, out of many tools that are now being used. SEO, as you probably know, refers to the standards and best practices to apply, in order to get a high rank on Google search result and due to the popularity of Google for looking users, SEO is one of the most powerful tools for digital marketing. Besides, considering the power of social media these days, it is another mostly used tool that is now being applied for digital marketing.

SEO Benefits

There are many important benefits associated with search engine optimisation that make SEO, the most important part of your digital marketing. We will walk you through the most important advantages shortly, but you must keep in mind that we are talking about high quality and professional SEO that is accomplished by reputable and well-known SEO agencies.

  • SEO improves your ranking on Google
  • SEO generates more leads
  • SEO creates trustworthy and credibility, as people trust organic growth rather than paid Ads
  • SEO’s positive impacts are long-lasting
  • SEO improvement is measurable over time
  • SEO brings quality traffic
  • SEO improves user experience and consequently the brand awareness

There are many more benefits to mention, when it comes to search engine optimisation that undoubtedly make SEO, the most important part of your digital marketing strategy.

SEO VS Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been experiencing a rapid growth in popularity since a decade ago. They are now being used by a wide range of users all around the globe, which makes them a very valuable tool for digital marketing. Business owners are now able to have their own media to talk about their services and products with their followers directly from their social media accounts. Nowadays, due to the importance and influential power of social media, digital marketing service providers pay high attention to this subject, in order to take advantage of such a valuable tool for digital marketing purposes. As two of the most important marketing tools, there are some differences between SEO and Social Media. Let’s dive in and see what are the main differences.

  • More Traffic

SEO brings more traffic than social media. Even though it is a fact that almost all people who have access to the internet, have an account on major social media, the main reason is to connect with friends and entertain. People mostly use search engines and in particular Google, when they need information, service or a product. Based on the Shareaholic traffic report, out of 400 million users who visited 250,000 mobile and desktop sites,34.8% visited six search engines, while 25.6% visited 13 social media networks.

  • Longer Life Span

The content on social media accounts have a short life span, as people normally check the new feeds on their device, so when a content is not shown on the new feeds, it is less likely to be seen by users. On the contrary, on SEO, as it works on keywords, anytime users search for a particular keyword, the relevant content will be shown up, regardless of the creation date and time! Also SEO is a lifetime investment as it is becoming more and more important everyday. You can read “Future of SEO” to find out more. 

SEO is the most important digital marketing tool

Generally speaking, SEO and Social media go hand in hand. SEO is the backbone of the digital marketing strategy and social media accounts are the appearance and makeup! Both tools are absolutely needed for a digital marketing campaign to shine. However, you must keep in mind that without a backbone, makeup is worthless. Read “SEO is the most efficient investment for your business” to find out more.

As a conclusion, SEO can be considered as the most important part of a digital marketing strategy, so you, as a business owner, must pay high attention to have a proper SEO plan in place and carry it out at the highest quality possible. However, during your journey of enhancing your SEO performance, your social media account plays an absolutely important role to help your SEO plan progress well. You can check SEO packages to find out more.


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