How to Improve eCommerce Through Social Media

There are close to 4 billion people around the world who are connected to social media, on either one or multiple platforms. This makes social media a great place for business owners for marketing and promotion. Social media with such an enormous number of users, can help you find new customers and increase conversion rate. The power of social media is not something that can be doubted these days.

However, digital marketing through social media is not an easy task. If you think that posting high quality photos of a product would help a lot, you need to give it a second thought, as it’s not that easy at all. There are many techniques, tactics and tips to be followed and accomplished to get user’s attention on social media. To be more specific, it’s all about interacting with users to gain their trust and do business with them.

Bear in mind that having a professional eCommerce website comes first.

Before going through the techniques that work for improving your ecommerce through social media, let’s see which social media is best for improving your ecommerce.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media by having almost 2.9 billion monthly active users. As the largest social media in the world, Facebook is one of the best places to start with. By creating a business page on Facebook, you will be able to share your product photos and videos, announcements, links to your website and much more as required. An interesting feature that Facebook provides on its business pages is the targeted campaigns and Ads based on location, gender, age and interests.

  • Tweeter

Tweeter is the next strong social media to work on, with close to 230 million daily active users. Through tweeter, you are able to share information about your products and service, provide your website link for the people in need and increase your ecommerce traffic. Furthermore, you can use twitter as a customer service tool, as users are able to ask questions and you are able to respond instantly. The advantage of using twitter as a customer service tool is that if other users see your prompt action on other customers’ inquiry, they will be interested to work with your ecommerce, as it shows your high level of professionalism. This is a great way to get more reputation in the market.


  • Instagram

Instagram is a perfect place to showcase your products, as it is a platform created uniquely for sharing photos and videos. With close to 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram can increase the chance of your ecommerce to get more traffic.


Now that you are aware of the top three social medias to work with, in order to increase your ecommerce traffic, we will discuss the tips and tricks to use for boosting your ecommerce.


  • Hashtags

Hashtag is a very powerful tool to increase your conversion rate. When people are looking for a product that is related to your business, they will see your posts, due to the hashtags you have used. Hence, you must ensure that you use hashtags for all posts you publish on your social media account. Finding relevant audiences is the other benefit associated with using hashtags, as the specific hashtag is used by users who are in need of your service or product. Hence, it is important to use relevant hashtags, so that you will be seen more by people in need.


  • Content

Like other digital marketing strategies, creating quality content is quite important when it comes to an ecommerce account on social media. Users who find contents on your social media account informative and relevant, tend to trust your business more and become eager to visit your ecommerce website. Therefore, you must publish informative content on a reasonable time frame on your social media account. We Suggest you read the ” What is content marketing” article to find out more.

  • Go beyond product display and promotions

You have created your ecommerce already, haven’t you? So, you have your online store to display and sell your products. Therefore, your account on social media should not be a place for displaying your products only! You may publish your website’s blog contents on your social media account. Also, use your social media account to share relevant news and topics with your followers. Furthermore, due to users’ interest to be aware of behind the scene events that happen in your company, the social media account would be a perfect place to share your company events, how the business is performing in your ecommerce company from responding to users’ Inquiry, receiving orders, all the way through delivery process. 


  • Learn from Analytic tools

All social media platforms provide valuable analytics for business accounts. There is much data and analysis about your account and your visitors that can add great value to your account. By using your account analytics, you will be able to identify your account’s strength and weakness, so try to keep the good work up and improve the areas where you are not doing good at.

We suggest you read the “eCommerce Website Features” to find out the details you can add to your online store. You may also read “eCommerce Pricing in Australia” to have a clue of how much a professional eCommerce would cost you.


Is it really needed to have a social media account for my ecommerce?

Social Medias, due to their popularity and unique features, are one of the most important digital marketing tools these days. It is an absolute need to have an active social media account for your ecommerce website.

What are the main benefits of having a social media account for my ecommerce?

There are many benefits associated with social media marketing for your ecommerce such as customer engagement, more web traffic, smart and targeted Ads, more reputation, etc.

Is it possible to outsource my social media account management?

Yes, it is. There are professional digital marketing service providers that can manage your social media account. If you are looking to outsource your social media account management, we are more than happy to help.

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