Part 6: SEO Schedule & Road Map

At the final part of the “Strategy Planning”, we will discuss the SEO schedule and timing. We also provide you with a road map to follow and inform you about some common mistakes to avoid.

You can either watch the video from Websima YouTube Channel or read this article as the sixth and last part of this season. 

In this part, we will discuss the timing that you should start the project on, and how long you should wait to see the results for your SEO project.

Your Company Scale

As the first step, the human and financial resources of your company should be identified precisely. One of our challenges when it comes to designing a new website, is with customers who ask for a website same as Gumtree! Our first question here would be: If you have a website like Gumtree right now, do you have enough financial and human resources to manage such a website? We are trying to say that your company/business scale should be in line with your website and your expectations.

Challenges of each level of the SEO

For Homepage and landing pages, time is the most challenging factor as it is the most difficult and time consuming level here. When it comes to Archives and Categories, as we need link building which is costly, the cost will be the most challenging factor. Finally at products, articles and news level, as it needs generating contents, the most challenging factor will be finding professional human resources. No need to mention that the better team you have, the better content will be generated.

We build the website from up to down; however, we get the SEO results the other way around.

Bear in mind that you can’t have your homepage on top of google, without having a good position on lower levels.

Common mistakes:

One of the most common mistakes is to focus on the main keyword! If you focus on your main keyword for your homepage, you wouldn’t get good ranking on lower levels and consequently, your main keyword will not be improved.

The next common mistake is to focus on general keywords instead of the keywords related to your income. For example, if you do business on google ads advertising, you should focus more on the same area, rather than on digital marketing as a general and broad subject.

The third common mistake is to focus on content generating only! As market participants get good results by generating content, they sometimes lose their focus on the keywords. In this case, they will constantly lose their position on the main keywords. Contents should always be generated in parallel with our tree structure (Read part 4 if you don’t know what the tree structure is)

Operational schedule of the first year:

We will work on strategy planning during the first month. Even though it seems to be too much time, the more you invest here, the better result you will have later. 

We will proceed to the second month by working on managing and editing the first and second level pages of the website, such as the homepage and archives. 

During the next three months, our focus will be on content-generating only. We will focus on creating content for either services or products, though we won’t waste our time by focusing on the news as it has a temporary nature.

We start the sixth month by starting to analyse and modify our strategy based on the results gained during the past five months. We may change some pages and keywords at this stage, based on the data and feedback we have in hand. Also, finding out a new keyword is possible at this stage.

We will modify our contents according to our new analysis during month seven.

The following three months will be allocated to link building along with generating contents. In other words, our main focus should be on link building, though we still create content.

As of month ten, our focus will be on User Experience. Depending on the nature of your business, you may create videos or come up with news for the users. Although there are many different options by which you can work on your user experience, you must choose the right one as it is very important to convert your visitors to loyal customers during this period.

What should be our expectations from this schedule?

During the first four months, we can expect quick movements but slow results. It means that we are working hard and fast, but the results will be shown slowly. Patience is essential at this stage!

From the fourth month all the way through the seventh month, we will see a few good results for level 3 pages. If you reach the 6th month and no improvement is seen, you must reconsider your strategy planning.

During month seven to month ten, your level 2 pages will start to show up in the results.

Finally, over the next three months, month 9 to month 12, you should see the homepage and landing pages showing up in the results.

Depending on the competition, this schedule is subject to re-scale.

In this season, we learned how we can draft our SEO Strategy planning. Now we need to move on to apply it practically. In season 2, we will teach you how to create content to optimise your SEO. We will be happy if you stay with us during season 2.

We also recommend you check “SEO Services” and “SEO Packages” in Australia to find out more.

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